NJFP Sends Important Information To Fellows

The management of the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program (NJFP) has revealed that something spectacular is in the works of its fellows. This disclosure was made, through the NJFP’s social media handles.

NJFP management says fellows should watch for the major announcement. We hope that whatever it is that we are waiting for will be worth the wait.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program was established on August 31, 2021, to provide opportunities for Nigerian graduates. The Nigerian Federal Government and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have partnered to create the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP), which aims to empower young people.

The program aims to match bright graduates with local employment opportunities where their skills may be put to use while also giving them access to top-notch practical knowledge and useful skills.

20000 fellows have currently been shortlisted, and some of them have been connected with the organization to serve and receive N100,000 in monthly compensation for a 12-month period.

The mismatched fellows now have newfound hope and are impatiently awaiting word from NJFP management about what they have in store for them.

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