Link To Apply For Nigerians In Diaspora NHF Mortgage Loan

Are you a Nigerian living abroad? If ‘yes’, there is a National Housing Fund (NHF) loan opportunity for you to enable you own a house. In this piece, we will show you how to apply for Nigerians in Diaspora NHF Mortgage Loan. Kindly read this post till the end to get the link to apply for NHF mortgage loan for Nigerians in Diaspora.

The Diaspora National loan offers Nigerians living in abroad the mortgage loans to build or buy houses in Nigeria.

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) sponsored mortgage will afford Nigerians in Diaspora an opportunity to register with the NHF scheme, pay monthly dues and have access to mortgage loans to own houses back home, without having to come to Nigeria before taking part in the scheme.

Requirements for Nigerians in Diaspora NHF Mortgage Loan

Below are the requirements:

  1. All applicants must have registered with the National Housing Fund for a period not less than 1-year (12 months), and have paid in full.

  2. Applicants must be a first-time beneficiary of the NHF loan.

  3. Must have a verifiable means of income.

  4. Must be a Nigerian in the Diaspora by definition of the National Diaspora Policy

Collateral for the loan

  1. The property for which the loan is sought will serve as security for the loan.

  2. Perfection of mortgage will be handled by the FMBN Internal Records Office.

  3. The property will possess sufficient value to recover the loan.

  4. FMBN will, in most cases, assist in providing eligible property that could be purchased and mortgaged under this Scheme.

Documentation for the loan

  1. Online application form.

  2. Copy of data page of the applicant’s international passport.

  3. Uploading of recent payslips for 3 months and bank statements for 6 months.

  4. Letter from the employer stating the status of the employment.

  5. For the self-employed; a certificate of business registration will be required from the country of residence of the Diaspora.

How to apply for Nigerians in Diaspora NHF Mortgage Loan

To apply, interested applicants should follow this link


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