List Of Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students In Norway

Norway is well-known for its stunning beauty. The country has magnificent snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords.

You may be close to these wonders while earning an excellent degree in Norway thanks to full scholarships.

Given how much it costs to pay full tuition on top of hefty living expenses, that’s as good as it gets.

What’s the best part? There are various scholarships available — in both public and private institutions — to help you realize your study abroad goals in Norway.

List Of Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students In Norway

Here are five fully financed scholarships available to overseas students studying in Norway.

1. High North Fellowship Programme (

The High North Fellowship Programme was developed to assist overseas students who come to Norway to study, adding another option to tuition-free Norwegian universities.

This program is open to students from Canada, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and Japan who want to study in Northern Norway.

Students enrolled in those countries’ universities will be able to apply for the fellowship. If chosen, the scholarship will cover one or two semesters of study, and candidates must stay in the nation for at least four months.

Because Norwegian universities do not charge tuition fees to international students, the initiative will cover living expenses. Applicants will be paid a monthly stipend as well as a travel grant of roughly 9,440 Norwegian krone.

2. Norwegian-Russian Scholarships (

Are you a Russian student wishing to study in Norway? Your aspirations could come true with the Norwegian-Russian Scholarships.

This grant permits students to spend a semester or two studying in Norway. Students from Russian universities can apply to study at chosen Norwegian institutions through the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills in Norway.

Every year, 30 scholarships will be awarded, 15 of which will go to students studying Norwegian language and literature and the remaining to students studying other subjects.

If chosen, applicants will not be required to pay tuition or other costs.

3. Erasmus+ Scholarship Programme (

Students from partner nations’ programs will be given the option to study abroad through the Erasmus+ Scholarship Programme.

This opportunity is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or postgraduate degree. Applicants who are chosen will be assisted for three to twelve months.

Students must contact their native country’s higher education institute to apply for this program.

4. NORAM Scholarship (

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) provides a scholarship to students wishing to further their education in Norway.

This award is designed exclusively for American students pursuing post-graduate courses or research.

The major goal of establishing this fellowship was to bring the two countries closer together and promote topics of common interest to both.

You must be a full-time postgraduate student enrolled in a program lasting more than three months to be eligible for this grant.

Ten scholarships are awarded to students each year depending on their academic performance and financial status.

5. BI Presidential Scholarship (

BI Norwegian Business School is Norway’s largest business school and the country’s second largest. The BI Presidential Scholarship is a fully paid master’s scholarship offered by the university.

Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for this grant.

The scholarship will cover the full tuition fees for each semester for up to two years for Norwegian and international applicants who are Norwegian residents.

While overseas applicants who are approved will receive full tuition coverage and a 70% stipend to assist with living expenses.

You can apply for this scholarship along with your application to the university. You only need to prepare a scholarship application letter.

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