List Of High-Paying Creative Art Jobs In Nigeria (Make Up To N150k Monthly)

Creative Arts is an intriguing and wonderful field that brings people to the stage of expression. One crucial aspect of thriving in the creative arts is to be unfettered – you must bring all of your expressions. While we have some persons establishing their mark and proving their value, there are others who have been inspired by this and are wanting to join the profession. Given this, we believe it is appropriate to address the concept of creative arts and some of the high-paying creative art employment.

Understanding What Creative Art Jobs Are

A Creative Art work is any work that requires the use of artistic abilities and imagination to achieve a successful outcome. These artistic abilities can be used to create visual, audio, or written compositions that convey ideas, emotions, and tales. Some writers, for example, will represent themselves as creative writers, while photographers may refer to themselves as visual storytellers – this occurs since creative art jobs are meant to create interesting stories.

Skills Required for Creative Art Jobs

Although creative art occupations require talents that are relevant to the position, we will provide a list of generic skills:

  • Creativity
  • Good communication
  • Collaboration
  • Smart thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

These are largely soft skills; the hard skills you will need will depend on the type of creative art profession you have.

List Of High-Paying Creative Art Jobs In Nigeria

If you’ve spent time perfecting your skills, you should look into these well-paying creative arts jobs:

1. Animation

Animation is a difficult concept that necessitates a great level of expertise, imagination, and time commitment. Animators concentrate on specific projects for extended periods of time, investing their knowledge into every detail in order to create breathtaking images that will resonate with viewers. Animators are generally well compensated due to the hard nature of the profession and the amount of time needed before producing substantial results. In Nigeria, the average monthly income for an animator is N350,000.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are also known as brand identity designers because they create aesthetically appealing brand logos, pamphlets, posters, and banners.  Their duty is to mold how a company is seen by its customers, and most of the time, simply seeing a logo or a couple of colors can tell you which brand you belong to. While it is crucial for brand designs to be visually appealing, they must also tell a story, which graphic designers can assist with. A graphic designer’s monthly pay in Nigeria is N200,000.

3. UI/UX Design

Designers of UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) are the engineers of digital experiences. So, congrats to whoever built the app if you use it frequently because you appreciate it. While UI designers are responsible for every aspect on the screen, UX designers are more concerned with how you feel when you use the product – was it easy to navigate? Were you having trouble logging in or out? However, both designers collaborate to guarantee that your trip across the app or online is seamless. In Nigeria, the average monthly wage for a UI/UX designer is N230,000.

4. Fashion Design

If you live in Nigeria, namely Lagos, you are probably aware of the numerous events that take place on a regular basis, with people dressed in various outfits. This explains the fervor generated by the desire for great fashion designers. The abundance of these events generates an abundance of chances for savvy fashion designers. They like the tangible gratification that comes from being consistent with their profession while putting their skills to work. A fashion designer’s pay cannot be decided exactly every month because they are their own bosses. However, all else being equal, fashion designers in Nigeria earn around N280,000 or more per month on average.

5. Creative Directing

A creative director is the mastermind behind a project’s vision and strategy. Within a company/organization, they manage teams of writers, designers, and other creatives. It is their responsibility to decide how a website or marketing campaign should communicate and look. They examine a copy to ensure that it is of sufficient quality to be published. Furthermore, they ensure that everyone works together to reach a single goal that is not just good, but the greatest! The average monthly compensation for a creative director is N215,000.

6. Interior design

Interior designers, who employ their creative skills to transform rooms into practical surroundings, enhance the attractiveness of a structure. They choose color palettes, furniture, decorations, and lighting to bring the area to life while also making it pleasant and comfortable for anybody who enters the space. However, before deciding on which concepts will work, the interior designer gathers the client’s preferences and wants, making it easier to get started. An interior designer’s monthly compensation in Nigeria is around N250,000.

7. Architects

Architects are the people in charge of designing and planning buildings. They use their abilities to generate intricate sketches and drawings that are meant to bring constructions to life. An architect’s employment encompasses a wide range of sectors and projects, including houses, towers, skyscrapers, and much more. An architect determines the safety and efficiency of a structure and its interiors. As a result, every other professional working on a project collaborates with an architect to verify that everything is on track. An architect’s monthly pay in Nigeria is N300,000 on average.

8. Gele/Makeup

A tweet once went viral because an artist charged a ludicrous amount of money to tie Gele at an event. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this particular artist has a sizable clientele. This circumstance accentuates the undeniable profitability of gels and make-up artistry. The fact remains that a sizable number of people are ready to invest in these artists’ knowledge. According to research, makeup/gele artists charge an average of N100,000 per session, which indicates that if 5 sessions occur in a month, the salary is approximately N500,000.

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