World’s 5 Most Mysterious Uncontacted Tribes

Undoubtedly, the one reading this post, right now, has had contact with a lot of people and, as such, believes also that everyone that has graced this earth must have been contacted in one way or another. However, what I tell you that a lot of people how have never been contacted abound in many places around the world? In this article, we will introduces to you, the world’s 5 most mysterious uncontacted tribes.

The world’s 5 most mysterious uncontacted tribes

In some of the world’s most remote areas, mysterious uncontacted tribes still live. Members of these tribes have kept long-forgotten traditions that the rest of the world has abandoned, and they refuse to engage with civilisation. Below are the world’s 5 most mysterious uncontacted tribes

1. The Amazon Tribes

Most Mysterious Uncontacted Tribes

For population control concerns, the Brazilian government has been trying to figure out how many people dwell in the remote Amazon districts. A normal low-flying picture mission was attacked by arrows fired from the bows of a hitherto unknown tribe in 2007.

Then, in 2011, a satellite sweep discovered a few specks in a section of the jungle that no one thought was habitable: the specks turned out to be people.

2. The Sentinelese

Most Mysterious Uncontacted Tribes

The Sentinelese are the indigenous population of India’s Andaman Islands’ North Sentinel Island. They are an Andamanese people who have a strong aversion to contact with the outside world. They are among the last peoples on the planet who have remained mostly unaffected by contemporary society.

After the leader of a National Geographic team was shot in the thigh and two local guides were slain, the crew was forced to turn back.

3. The New Guinea Tribes

There are dozens of languages, civilizations, and tribal practises in New Guinea that are yet unknown to modern man. Rural New Guinea, on the other hand, is rarely explored due to the mostly undiscovered landscape and the unknown character of tribal residents amid allegations of cannibalism. While new tribes are discovered on a regular basis, many expeditions sent out with the goal of following them down are cut short or just vanish.

4. The Suma People

For years, the Ethiopian Suma tribe shunned all contact with the outside world. The Suma lived in small communities of a few hundred people and continued to ranch cattle for generations, despite colonisation, World Wars, and independence fights all around them.

In the 1980s, a group of Russian doctors were the first to speak with the Surma people, who were assumed to be walking dead by the tribesmen due to their skin colour.

5. Mashco-Piro tribe, Peru

Most Mysterious Uncontacted Tribes

A tour group travelling through Peru’s jungles came face to face with members of an unknown tribe.

Everything has been recorded. The tribe attempted to converse with the tourists, but because none of the tribesmen spoke Spanish or English, they quickly gave up and abandoned them where they were found.

Following an examination of the recording, Peruvian officials discovered that the tour group had come across one of the few tribes still unknown to anthropologists. Scientists have known about their existence for years and had been looking for them with no luck.

Source: Nyscinfo

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