N-Power Support Page (Let’s SOLVE All N-Power Issues)

Are you an N-power applicant? Are you having one issue or the other regarding the Batch C biometric fingerprint, shortlisting, login to Nasims portal, and so on? Whatever the case maybe, we are here to help you.

We are not unaware that many prospective beneficiaries are experiencing varying issues on the Npower/NASIMS portal. However, the good news is that this page was created to solve all your problems, and also answers some pressing questions.

So, how do you want us to help you?

Feel free to let us know about your challenges regarding N-power verification in the COMMENT SECTION below. You can also ask questions!

Note: After asking your question, check back to this page after some minutes, by then you must have gotten a reply from us. Thanks you.

197 thoughts on “N-Power Support Page (Let’s SOLVE All N-Power Issues)”

  1. Odekunle abayomi

    I just update my account,when I wanted to write the test,they said the online test had been close please help me how may I write it

  2. Abolarin Aduragbemi Ponmile

    I have done my Test and today I tried changing my phone Number on NASIM Portal but unfortunately i noticed my scored was removed. Please what can i do

  3. Micah Haggai

    I can’t view my test score, and also my passport is not showing,.
    What could be the problem

  4. Hyacinth Nwodo

    I suppose to write my test on 7may by 12pm but due to address not found I didn’t write it is at any hope. Please sir /madam

  5. I edit my profile this morning because I found out that my residential address was not properly written and after which, my test score changed from what I scored before to very low score. Please what should I do?

  6. Solomon Darlington

    The biometric capturing unit has been a challenge to me, I have installed the app but it couldn’t open but file error pls what do I do

  7. I’m an applicant on Npower program scheme. I registered and wrote the screening test which I made above the cut off mark. Yet I was not shortlisted for the verification stage. Have been checking my dashboard. I keep seeing”you not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage.check back later. What could be the issue

  8. Nnadi amuche Rita

    Something else was uploaded in place of my passport.. please is there anyway to delete it and upload my passport?

  9. Trying to log into my N-power but it is showing transaction failed , please what could be the cause?

  10. Inima usen paul

    I wrote the test since up till now I cannot view my Test score. Pls I need solution for this.

  11. My account was blocked from taking the exam. Please what do I do? The npower support number don’t even ring nor do they respond tp message

    1. Inima usen paul

      I wrote the test since up till now I cannot view my Test score. Pls I need solution for this.

  12. I was also blocked after attempt three time which I
    thought it’s network problem what could be the possible solution

      1. I got a congratulatory mail that i have been shortlisted but when i logged in to my dashboard i was to check back later that i have not been shortlisted. What do i do? Pls

  13. Egbo Obiora Charles

    My account was blocked during the online test as a result of poor network while taking the test ,the system logged me out 3times and blocked my account without allowing me submit .please help me rectify this…

  14. My account was blocked while writing the test. Emailed support but I didn’t get any reply, I even called the lines but no one picked. Please help me what can I do, how can the issue be resolved

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