Nigerian Economic Summit Group Essay Contest

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) has announced the #NES27 Essay Contest theme: “Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency of Now.”

Nigeria has the potential to become a continental and global force that influences economics and policies, with a market of over 200 million people, coastal access to assist trade, and enormous human and natural resources. Nigeria’s socioeconomic potential has a lot of promise. Today’s headlines, however, do not reflect Nigeria’s economic potential. Rather, they focus on insecurity, unemployment, poverty, insurgency, inflation, and general unease.

This is a request for new solutions that clearly highlight the need for a joint response from all stakeholders (government at all levels, corporate sector, and civil society) in order to secure the future of our beloved country.

About Nigerian Economic Summit (NES)

The Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) was founded in 1993 by a group of passionate and concerned private sector leaders representing key economic sectors with the goal of bringing together private sector leaders and senior government officials to discuss and dialogue on the future of the Nigerian economy.

The NESG Bridge Fellowship is intended to inspire and empower a new generation of young visionary Nigerian leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct policy-oriented research and advocacy for national development. Selected participants will go through a rigorous and engaging capacity development process that will allow them to contribute to national knowledge creation and policy.

Aim and Benefits of NESG

  • Paid internship at the NESG
  • Prestigious certificate of achievement
  • Essay summary presentation to an audience of top public and private authorities at the #NES27 Top 50 Students

Qualifications for the NESG #NES27 Essay Contest

  • The essay competition is available to all Nigerian undergraduates between the ages of 16 and 25 who are enrolled in any higher education institution in Nigeria or overseas.
  • Entries must be written in English, and each student may submit just one entry.
  • The maximum word count is 1,500.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • 15 second overview video of written essay with a 100-word summary

How to Apply Essay Contest
For further details on entry submission, visit NESG website.

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