NYSC State Allowance For All States In Nigeria (2019)

It’s important to note that aside the Federal government allowance, Corps members also receive what we called ‘state allowance’ from the states where they are serving, therefore in this article we shall be looking into the NYSC state allowance for all states in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the amount and how the state government pay serving Corps Members posted to their states is also one of the major factors that influence Corps members’ choices of states during the NYSC online registration. Sometimes you see Corps members serving in some states rejoicing, while their colleagues in other states complain of lack and unfair treatment from the state govt. Some will be frustrated to the extent of calling NYSC names because they are not posted to places where to enjoy state allowance, forgetting that people in the states where they are posted also need their service.

Without mincing words, however, nobody would like to serve in a state where he or she will be paid nothing in return to his efforts, especially when their friends serving in other states are compensated with juicy state allowance.

Just before we show you the list of states and allowance they pay and how they pay, recall that in our previous post, we revealed 10 best states to serve in Nigeria as a Corper by weighing some factors such as; Security, allowance, standard of living, job opportunities etc. If you missed that post, you can CIick Here to read it up.

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Today, we shall be looking at the NYSC state allowance for all states in Nigeria. By the time you are through reading this article, you would have clear picture of how much ‘Corpers’ are being paid in all the states in Nigeria aside the Federal Government allowance, but just before that, let’s take a look at some of the important questions people usually ask concerning the NYSC allowance.

Questions and Answers about NYSC State Allowance

How much does Federal Govt pays to NYSC Corpers?

Currently, the Federal Govt of Nigeria through NYSC pays N19,800 to every serving youth Corps Members posted anywhere in Nigeria. We hope the allowance will be increased very soon.

Does it matter if state govt pay Corpers?

Yes, it does matters! That will serve as an encouragement and a kind of support to them. We all know that the N19,800  Federal Govt pay to them is never enough, and many Corpers are usually stranded without food or money in the middle of month. NYSC being a compulsory one-year service for all Nigerian graduates who are not above the age of 30, the govt suppose to take proper care of our youths.

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Which states are good good in terms of Allowance?

We listed the amount all the states pay, from the list any state that pay between N5000 and N15,000 is good in terms of allowance to compare with other states.

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List of State Allowance in Nigeria for Serving Corps Members

This list is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge. State allowances are usually paid monthly, while some states will save the money for Corpers and then pay the accumulation at the end of service.

  1. Anambra pays N8,500

  2. Jigawa pays N5,000

  3. Niger pays N0.00

  4. Imo pays N0.00

  5. Ebonyi pays N9,750 (has stop paying since May 2019)

  6. Nasarawa pays N5,000

  7. Akwa Ibom pays N5,000

  8. Edo pays N0.00

  9. Oyo pays N4,000

  10. Kano pays N0.00

  11. Rivers pays N0.00

  12. Bayelsa pays N3,000 and N6,000 to those serving across the water.

  13. Abia pays N0.00 (Though they claimed to be paying N5,000)

  14. Benue pays N0.00

  15. Plateau pays N0.00

  16. Enugu pays N950 for those in town and N3,000 to those serving in villages.

  17. Sokoto pays N45,000 at the end of service (accumulation of all months)

  18. Ekiti pays N0.00

  19. Osun pays N5,000

  20. Taraba pays N6,000

  21. Ondo pays N0.00

  22. Ogun pays N0.00

  23. Borno pays N10,000 (But the fear of Boko Haram may not allow you to enjoy it)

  24. Delta pays N5,000

  25. Gombe pays N0.00

  26. Lagos pays N10,000

  27. Bauchi pays N0.00

  28. Kaduna pays N0.00

  29. Zamfara pays N5,000

  30. Cross-River pays N0.00

  31. Kwara pays N0.00

  32. Abuja pays N0.00

  33. Kogi pays N0.00

  34. Katsina pays N3,800 (for 3months, and they will stop paying you)

  35. Yobe pays N0.00

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Note: Nobody is Mr. know all, as you can see the list of the states is not yet complete. If you know how much they pay in those states that are not mentioned on the list above or if you think the figure for the state you serve is not correct, kindly let us know using the comment section.

We promise to always update this page once there is change in figure. Thank you.

Updated: May 5, 2019 — 7:19 am

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  2. Prisca Nkemakonam

    Katsina state doesn’t stop after 3months. I have received 4months already.

  3. The cafe I did the registration did not fill my ND details ooo, like date of graduation, award, etc, he only fill primary, secondary and HND own, will it affect me

  4. Pls how do I correct the error of wrong thumbprint and passport upload in the current 2019 batch B registration.

    1. Kindly contact the NYSC ICT at
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      Send email to them with your full details

  5. pls sir, will there be a problem if my month of birth in Senate list is different from the one in my regularization? my original date of birth is 01-10-1993 while senate list is 01-12-1993

  6. Please those serving currently in Osun and Anambra respectively, does they still pay? and how are the states?

  7. I add dat Lagos state don’t pay, pls is it through

    1. Lagos state govt only pay those who are working under its parastatals. Those working under Private establishment will have to negotiate with their employers.

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  9. Ondo state na real lie oooo…
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    1. Check the info very well, Ondo was said to be paying nothing…Thanks for your contribution.

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