NYSC Calendar for 2019 Batch ‘C’ Programme

The NYSC Calendar for 2019 Batch C Programme has been trending online since two days ago.

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know if they should believe dates on the Calendar or dismiss it.

Before you accept or dismiss anything, try to read this post carefully.

The calendar was officially released on 3rd February 2019 by the management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

On the calendar, it was specified that orientation camp date for 2019 Batch ‘C’ Stream l and ll will hold on Oct. 8th – 28th and Nov 8th – Dec. 2nd for Stream 1 and Stream2, respectively.

Below is the NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Calendar that is trending online;

Nysc calendar for 2019 Batch C

Facts To Note About NYSC Calendar for 2019 Batch C

Below are important fact you should take not of about the NYSC Calendar;

  1. The NYSC Calendar above was released on February 3rd 2019.

  2. NYSC Calendar does not always contain accurate information.

  3. The NYSC Calendar said 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Orientation camp will begin on 16th July 2019 but that never come to pass. Rather it began on 20th August 2019.

  4. NYSC Calendar does not contain complete information about mobilization for a new Batch.

  5. The NYSC Calendar only contains proposed dates for NYSC annual activities.

  6. NYSC mobilization Time Table is more accurate and precise than NYSC Calendar.

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The above are facts about the NYSC Calendar.

Please, do not rely on the NYSC Calendar above. Be patient, the NYSC management will release official time table for 2019 Batch ‘C’ mobilization.

To prove to you that NYSC Calendar is not accurate; The date that was specified on the Calendar for 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream2 Orientation camp is not the date the actual date they entered camp.

For now, ignore the date specified on the NYSC Calendar, and look forward to NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ time table which will be released soon.

Having read the information above, if you have any question, kindly use the comment section below.

Updated: August 29, 2019 — 11:22 pm

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  1. Please will there be batch c streamm 1 Registration and stream 2 Registration

    1. Stream 1 and 2 register at thesame time. But if the number of those in Stream2 is small, nysc may decide to open registration portal for more people to register.

  2. Pls I saw a comment that registration is stating 14th of October is dat true?

  3. Good morning Mr Humphrey I must appreciate your efforts, please is it true that registration and mobilization is on for batch C.

    1. NYSC online registration has not started. You can contact your school to know if they have started mobilization because most schools have started.

  4. The main calander for batch c timetable is it out yet because am still seeing 8th of October and portal open 14th

    1. The Time Table has not come out

  5. Please I want to go for batch c stream 2, when is the right time for me to mobilize to avoid my name being including in d list of people going for stream 1?

    1. If you are targeting Stream2, register very late

  6. Please is porter open for batch c?. Cos people are saying they have open porter for batch c

  7. Please I graduated since 2015 and have not collected my exemption certificate,how do I go about it?

  8. Please Humphy! I heard a rumour spreading that batch c is not going to occur, is it true?

    1. You said rumour. It is a rumour anyway. Disregard every rumour.

  9. please I have done my registration but I didn’t pay for the call up letter online so I’m waiting till when batch c will start their own registration then I will complete it and I don’t know if I did d right tin

    1. Please can batch C start their registration now?

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