NYSC Calendar for 2020 Batch ‘A’ Programme

Every year, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) releases CALENDAR that shows date and time certain events will take place. In this post, we shall take a look at the NYSC calendar for the year 2020.

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know if they should believe dates on the Calendar or dismiss it.

Before you accept or dismiss anything, try to read this post from the beginning to the end.

The calendar was officially released on 3rd February 2019 by the management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

On the calendar, it was specified that orientation camp date for 2019 Batch ‘C’ Stream l and ll will hold on Oct. 8th – 28th and Nov 8th – Dec. 2nd for Stream 1 and Stream2, respectively.

Below is the NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ Calendar that is trending online;

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Nysc calendar for 2019 Batch C

Facts To Note About NYSC Calendar for 2019 Batch C

Below are important fact you should take not of about the NYSC Calendar;

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  1. The NYSC Calendar above was released on February 3rd 2019.

  2. NYSC Calendar does not always contain accurate information.

  3. The NYSC Calendar said 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Orientation camp will begin on 16th July 2019 but that never come to pass. Rather it began on 20th August 2019.

  4. NYSC Calendar does not contain complete information about mobilization for a new Batch.

  5. The NYSC Calendar only contains proposed dates for NYSC annual activities.

  6. NYSC mobilization Time Table is more accurate and precise than NYSC Calendar.

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The above are facts about the NYSC Calendar.

Please, do not rely on the NYSC Calendar above. Be patient, the NYSC management will release official time table for 2019 Batch ‘C’ mobilization.

To prove to you that NYSC Calendar is not accurate; The date that was specified on the Calendar for 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream2 Orientation camp is not the date the actual date they entered camp.

For now, ignore the date specified on the NYSC Calendar, and look forward to NYSC 2019 Batch ‘C’ time table which will be released soon.

Having read the information above, if you have any question, kindly use the comment section below.

Updated: December 18, 2019 — 9:36 am

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  1. My nmae came out for stream 1 and I revalidated to stream 2 and I didn’t go, what is my next step, or what should I do

  2. What is the meaning of sorry, you will be notify when to print your call up letter and I had registered before batch c stream 2 commences. up till now i have not seen my call up letter from NYSC.

    1. It means your call up letter is not yet ready

  3. Will there be batchB stream 2 and when are they likely to be in camp?

  4. musatpha sani ibrahim

    i am new here can i have any information that are coming through nysc portal

  5. Please friends, my school has uploaded names to NYSC, but my department and other departments are still submitting names to students affairs unit. Please is it possible for my school to continuously upload names?

    1. No, they are to upload once

  6. Please my problem is this batch c stream 2, my department told me I would be joining that batch c stream2 but our list is still on the Sec table till date please with this poter open are both stream not meant to mobilize together, is there possible stream2 for this year

  7. Please my problem is this batch c stream 2, my department told me I would be joining that batch c stream2 but our list is still on the Sec table till date please with this poter open are both stream not meant to mobilize together, is there possible stream2for this year

  8. Can I still mobilize this year ?

  9. Has the mobilization portal closed for batch c 2019

  10. Wilberforce tonye foster

    this site has been a great help to fresh graduates from different institutions across the country i want to say you should keep on your good work and always update us via the batch c date 2019

    1. Thanks, I will make sure you always get latest updates

  11. Wilberforce tonye foster

    when is the nysc going to be payed the d#30,000 allowance

    1. No one knows

  12. please will batch c have stream 2.. and please let me know when the registration will start

    1. Registering will start ob 14th Oct… There is Stream2 according to nysc

  13. A case of someone that graduated 2012 at the age of 26 but had accident and couldn’t finish up his clearance but his result has 2011/2012 , by calculation now the person is above 30 now . Can he go for service or be exempted ?

    1. Yes he can serve

  14. Thank you for your beneficial information. I graduated from a University outside Nigeria. I have all my documents ready but I can’t travel back before December 1st 2019. So I can enter Nigeria on 1st December.

    Please Is it possible for me to catch Batch C stream 2? And please what is the date for it.

    Thank you.

    1. It is possible, but there is no fixed date yet

      1. Please admin, is senate list out for batch c?

        1. It will be out on 14th Oct

  15. please I want to know if batch c wil have stream 11 this year. since the NYSC 2019 calendar have been change.

    1. There is likely going to be Stream2

  16. I want to register for batch c but my original neco certificate is not out yet..please what should I do

    1. If you are foreign trained, you really need original O’level. But if you are locally trained, no need for that.

  17. I went to mobilize in my school but they said I should wait for 2weeks, can I meet up this batch C stream 1 or I should wait for stream 11??

    1. I don’t know. Online registration is starting on 14th

  18. Pls what is d actual date for batch c registration for this 2019? Because some people say the registration started today 23 of september, tanx

    1. It is on 24th Oct.

  19. pls how can i get mobilized for nysc batch c? i graduated sept 2018. My name was not uploaded on d a and b list. I complained 2 my school, i was told to come by novemba to fill mobilization form and now am hearing dat batch c registration is oct 14th. How can i know if mobilization has commence so i can travel to my sch in delta coz am in kaduna now. Thank you.

    1. Most schools have started mobilization. Find a way to contact your school, maybe you can go to their website to check if you can see their number.

  20. good afternoon sir, pls i graduated on 2017,but what is on our result is may 30, 2018. i was unable to collect my result and processed my nysc then because am having Regularization issue which was just settle and collected my result last week. my problem is that my date of birth was jan 15 1989 will i be able to go for service because of that age ? pls assist me

    1. You will go for service if you graduated before 30 years. Do the calculation yourself. Thank you

    2. What’s the meaning of pre mobilization.

      1. It’s just gathering names of qualified candidates by your institutions.

  21. I graduated since 2017 and I have not gone to service. according to the nysc uploading officer in Ndu, he said the internet service was bad that was why I could not finished me registration on line. so since 2017 till date I have not gone to service. please help me.

    1. Then during Batch C registration, login to your dashboard using your email and pasdword to continue your online registration from where you stopped

  22. please when will names for batch c stream 1 and stream 2 be posted

    1. No date yet, stay with us for updates!

  23. Please will there be batch c streamm 1 Registration and stream 2 Registration

    1. Stream 1 and 2 register at thesame time. But if the number of those in Stream2 is small, nysc may decide to open registration portal for more people to register.

  24. Pls I saw a comment that registration is stating 14th of October is dat true?

  25. Good morning Mr Humphrey I must appreciate your efforts, please is it true that registration and mobilization is on for batch C.

    1. NYSC online registration has not started. You can contact your school to know if they have started mobilization because most schools have started.

  26. The main calander for batch c timetable is it out yet because am still seeing 8th of October and portal open 14th

    1. The Time Table has not come out

  27. Please I want to go for batch c stream 2, when is the right time for me to mobilize to avoid my name being including in d list of people going for stream 1?

    1. If you are targeting Stream2, register very late

  28. Please is porter open for batch c?. Cos people are saying they have open porter for batch c

  29. Please I graduated since 2015 and have not collected my exemption certificate,how do I go about it?

  30. Please Humphy! I heard a rumour spreading that batch c is not going to occur, is it true?

    1. You said rumour. It is a rumour anyway. Disregard every rumour.

  31. please I have done my registration but I didn’t pay for the call up letter online so I’m waiting till when batch c will start their own registration then I will complete it and I don’t know if I did d right tin

    1. Please can batch C start their registration now?

  32. plz hw will i make my regulations fast,I want to follow stream1 batch c for service,

    1. Go to JAMB office

  33. pls wen is batch c stream one 2018 passing out

    1. We have not gotten circular from the management of NYSC

  34. please is anybody here who can assist me through the regularization process im seeing You are not on jamb matriculation list pls help me out

    1. Just print your JAMB result slip, and your name will automatically appear.

      1. i printed the result far back as 2013

        1. Ok, print it again!

  35. oboo Christopher gabriel

    jamb sent me a mail about my regularization but the number I supposed to use to proceed for the printing of the jamb admission letter is not there, what do I do.

    1. Go to the nearest JAMB office

  36. OMOLOWO, Blessing Bosede

    is NYSC batch C 2019 registration on?

    1. When is batch c1 2018 pop

  37. alhahzan Idris Ahmed

    wen is batch c I stated reg pls
    wen are their enter camp

  38. Hello..
    When, if I may ask is the actual date for 2018 nysc batch c 1 pop

  39. please when is batch C1 2018 passing out?

  40. Mudassir sunusi Umar

    When is the 2018 batch C1 will be available?

  41. Ogunranti Abiodun Samuel

    Will I need to reprint another green card when am about to revalidate on NYSC portal and will my call-up number be changed?

      1. Ogunranti Abiodun Samuel

        Thank you sir

      2. when will revalidation start

        1. Once online registration starts

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