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NYSC officially announces 2019 Batch ‘A’ POP date

NYSC officially announces 2019 Batch 'A' POP date NYSC officially announces 2019 Batch 'A' POP date

NYSC officially announces 2019 Batch ‘A’ POP date.

The management of NYSC has officially announced the POP date for 2019 Batch ‘A’ Corps Members.

The Passing Out Parade date has been set to Thursday, 5th March 2020.

Below is the official MEMO from the NYSC management.


I write to inform you that the Director-General has approved Thursday, 5 March, 2020 as the date for the Passing out of 2019 Batch ‘A’ Corps members from National Service. The exercise is to be carried out with all the associated activities, culminating in the Passing-out parade. All the States, excepting Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, are to prepare for the entire ramifications of the Winding-up/Passing-out programme.

2. Accordingly, below is the programme of activities

i. Monday, 17th – Tuesday, 25th February, 2020

(a) Job Awareness and Creation Week, Sensitization of Corps members on Job Creation/Opportunities after service. This will be done at the Local Government level, using relevant officers/NYSC/NDE officers.
(b) Lectures/Seminars on Job opportunities by the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) at the Zonal level.

ii. Wednesday, 26th – Friday, 28h February, 2020

(a) Release of Passing-Out Corps members by Employers.
(b) Registration/Clearing of Corps members by Local Government lnspector. Information on conditions for issuance of Certificates of National Service.

iii. Monday, 2nd March, 2020

(a) Parade Rehearsals.
(b) Final Clearance by Zonal Inspectors.

iv. Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020

(a) Parade Rehearsals.
(b) Final clearance by Zonal lnspectors.
(c) Debriefing/Evaluation of Service year.
(d) Administration of Questionnaire (Form 4B) on 30% of the passing-out Corps members.

v. Wednesday, 4th March, 2020

(a) Final Parade Rehearsal.
(b) State farewell party to be organised by the State Government presided over by the Governor of the State.

vi. Thursday, 5th March, 2020

(a) Passing-Out Parade to be presided over by the Governor of the State.
(b) Distribution of Certificates of National Service to deserving Corps Members.

3. State Coordinators are enjoined to establish contacts with Security Agencies in their States to ensure hitch free Passing-out exercise, and to commence preparations in earnest. However, any State that is in doubt about its effective
security arrangement, should not hesitate to draw the attention of the Management.

4. Wishing you a very successful Winding-up and Passing-out programme.


Y.S. Ehoda Adi
For: Director-General

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