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Are you a prospective corps members? Do you want to register for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page. Here we will show you the official NYSC registration portal where to do NYSC online registration for 2021 Batch A, B and C.

NYSC Registration Portal

What is NYSC online registration?

NYSC online registration is a process of submitting your application to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) via the use of internet connection and a computer.

On the day the online registration will begin, the NYSC ICT will open the registration portal to accept applications from eligible prospective corps members (PCMs).

Please, note that only PCMs whose names appear on the NYSC Senate List are eligible to register on the portal, and those whose names are not on the list would not be allowed to register. You can check your name on NYSC Senate List.

The best thing to do if your name is not on the Senate List is to contact your institution of graduation, they are solely responsible for uploading of names on the NYSC portal.

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Note: It is also important to check your name on NYSC Graduation list as it is a criteria for NYSC online registration.

If your name is on the Graduate List but not on the Senate List, then it’s possible that your institution has not uploaded the Senate list on the NYSC portal. Or maybe you could be checking the Senate list with wrong details.

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Please, ensure you input your details correctly when checking your name on the NYSC Senate list because any little deviation will show “No Record Found…” See reasons you keep seeing “No record found” on NYSC Senate list.

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How to register for NYSC in 2021

  1. Visit NYSC online registration portal at portal.nysc.org.ng.

  2. Fill the registration form with your correct details.

  3. Upload the necessary documents.

  4. Do not thumb-print by proxy: During the registration (DO NOT allow another person to thumb-print for you).

  5. Cross check your details before submitting.

  6. Do not forget the username and password used for the registration.

  7. Apply for name correction on your dashboard if your name is not correct.

  8. Ensure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear. Check out the NYSC registration passport requirements.

  9. Ensure you register with a Gmail email address.

Extra Tips

If you want to go with Stream 1, then make sure you are among the first people that will register online on the day that registration portal opened. If you fail to register on the first day, try to register on the 2nd or 3rd day. The earlier you register the better for you.

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  1. Pls I registered recently but my dashboard is showing me that I was not mobilized because I did not upload valid documents. At first it said yet to be evaluated. What’s the problem pls.

    1. Reupload your documents including evaluation letter

      1. I’ve done that sir after you told me to do so. What do I do now?

  2. Please how can I be posted straight to rivers State without making any payments?

  3. Please my date of birth is 7th may 1990 but my result was approved in March 2020, am I eligible to serve?

  4. Pls my jamb admission letter said that I was absent in the day they wrote jamb please will it affect me from going to NYSC and do I still need the admission letter?

  5. When is stream 2 2021 going to camp

  6. i was mobilized in march but didn’t register. what should i do now.

  7. Sir, my date of birth on Waec is 1989 and the one on my jamb is 1994, pls can I serve?

    1. Yes, NYSC will use the one on JAMB

  8. ineed get job because help my parent mother and father god help our poeple in nigeria god bless nigeria.

  9. My graduation year is January 2020 while my date of birth is 15/10/1990 will be exempted


      Please what About REMOBILIZATION when is the portal opens .

  10. What do i need to upload as a foreign student before registration ?

  11. Pls sir the remobilization is for which people?

    1. Those decamped, expelled or absconded from service

      1. When will the registration start( I.e) which day and date


    Please I was deployed in 2020 Batch A Stream 1but I didn’t show up in camp. How can I go with this Stream 2?

    1. Do revalidation and follow Batch B (you can’t join stream 2)

    2. Pls on the nysc portal is showing me invaild email or password pls how can I fixed it

      1. Go to NYSC state secretariat to sort it out. Go after lockdown.

        1. Please sir what are the requirements for NYSC , especially things presented at the gate so i won’t make mistake?

  13. Please mine is showing sorry u are not going with dis stream,should i register again?

    1. You don’t need to register again

  14. Peter Attah Michael

    I was mobilise last year but didn’t register talk less of showing up in camp due to work and some sorts, please what should I do, I want to go for service now.

    1. Register with the next batch

  15. My school added one letter to my name.All my documents carry FADILAH but my school submitted FADILLAH to NYSC. How do I change it on nysc?

    1. Apply for change of name on your dashboard during NYSC online registration

  16. Very much appreciated
    My question is that, what is my stand when it comes to NYSC account opening, because my BVN name is Ahmad Muhammad only while my documents all bear Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahim?
    Pls I need to know to avoid any consequences that may follow

    1. You will no have problems

      1. Michael James Eze

        I need an emotion letter. How do I apply

    2. I have been mobilized in Batch A 2020 but I when I check it shows me no record found, what can I do

  17. You are doing a great job Mr Humphrey, thanks for the Constant information and updates God bless you

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