NYSC Registration Without Seeing Your Name on Senate List

Do you want to know if you can do NYSC registration without seeing your name on the Senate List?

There is no NYSC law that says you must see your name on the Senate List before NYSC registration.

However, the process requires that your name is on the Senate list, that’s why you “Lookup Senate” list during online registration.

Let me explain how NYSC registration works.

How NYSC Registration Works

NYSC registration starts by your institutions uploading your basic details on the NYSC portal (Senate List).

So, if you keep seeing “No Record Found” meanwhile some people from your institution have seen their names, you can go ahead to “Lookup Senate”.

The picture below is the second stage of NYSC online registration.

NYSC Registration Without Seeing Your Name on Senate List

As you can see from the picture above, you will need to “Lookup Senate”;

Looking up Senate means to import your details that your institutions uploaded on the NYSC portal.

As long as your institution upload your name and submit hardy copy of their Senate list, you can register even if it is saying “No record found” on the Senate list portal.

Why it is necessary to begin registration without seeing your name on the Senate list is because there is always a where institution upload candidates First name in place of Surname on the NYSC portal, and this may be the reason you keep seeing “No Record Found”.

Or you may be checking with a miss spelt Surname or Date of Birth.

So, when you persist to see “No Record Found”, the best thing to do is to find out if anybody from your institution has seen his or name on the Senate List.

If anyone from your institution has seen his or her name, that means your institution has uploaded their Senate list and submitted hard copy of the list to NYSC.

So, if you keep seeing “No Record Found”, go and begin your online so you can have opportunity to “Lookup Senate” list.

If you “Lookup Senate”, and the system says your school has not submitted hard copy of the Senate list, then wait till your institution submit.

To make the process fast, you can contact your institution to remind them to submit hard copy of the Senate list to NYSC.

But when you “Lookup Senate” and the System allows you, then thank God and continue with your registration.

If you have any question, drop it in the comment section below.

41 thoughts on “NYSC Registration Without Seeing Your Name on Senate List”

  1. Pls guys help a brother in need.

    The course on my Jamb admission letter is different From my school admission letter. My name is on matriculation list with d formal course. I’ve applied for jamb regularization weeks ago but it’s yet to be approve.

    My question now is that has nysc registrations is ongoing Can I register for it cause my name is on both Graduating list and Senate list.

    Pls urgent response is needed🙏🙏

  2. I am a married woman. I apply for concessional deployment in Ekiti state. I received no available slot in d state.
    Pls what will I do next?

  3. Sir its possible for you to do your registration when you found your name in senate list but not found in the graduation list??

  4. Pls my school has submitted hard copy to nysc but and my name is on the Senate list online but not on the graduation list so I can’t register because its saying i haven’t been matriculated…pls note that i did my jamb regulaization and have printed jamb admission letter ..what do I do pls?

  5. Pls help Sir.. My school released both senate list and graduation list …. My name is in the graduation list but whenever i check the senate list it says “no record found”. Almost all my coursemates have registered but i haven’t been able to.. Pls what should i do.

  6. Please my name came out but still yet our school have not submitted the hard copy how can i register when the hard copy is still not found.

  7. I keep seeing no record found beneath my name but when I sent someone to my school student affair 2 days ago, she was told that they’ve sent the list to Abuja. But till this morning I am still seeing “NO RECORD FOUND”.
    Please what should I do? Can I go on and register or wait till my name appear on the list?

  8. My school has uploaded graduation list but we are yet to see our name on senate just pls wat should we do can we reg like that or wat

  9. My own is showing no details found and please confirm that your details are correct .ensure your school provided correct details……….am not happy with this……what is the probl

  10. Please will there be any other registration for stream 2?And I learnt stream 2 camp date is Nov.Thank you so much they have rectified it in Abuja today but my status is yet to be changed from Not been matriculated.

  11. pls sir there is name swap in my jamb. that is my first came first instead of my surname. I don’t know if it will affect me in my nysc

  12. My name was not on the Senate list so I guickly went to my institution to complain and I was able to do all the necessary things that was required to be done like making photocopy of my statement of result nd admission letter yesterday. So I don’t know maybe I should still wait until I have seen my name or I should jus go on with the online registration?

  13. Good day sir,
    Senate list is second stage for Nysc registration, after you successfully graduated from your institution.The Nysc law is that, your name must be in the Senate list and uploaded by your institution before nysc registration, if you check the Senate list no record found, and check for miss spell, still no record found, check wether they place your first name first instead your surname no record found, so you are not qualify for Nysc online registration.Then you should go back and contact your institution.

  14. My name was uploaded on the senate list yesterday but my status was “Has not been matriculated,you can not register,contact your institution”in which I did and I was told NYSC made a mistake on my jamb registration number and they got down my information and they are presently in Abuja to resolve it.Now my question is will I be able to go with this current batch?will they upload it??Just thought if am the only one with this gigantic problem!

    • My problem is that am not seeing my name on the Senate list online. But my data I mean my jamb no and matrix no are in tact… Reported to my school ND they said some names are still uploading… Is that acertion true.? Am I to wait till next year batch or is there any chance that my name will still come out.. To go with stream 2? Am in a confuse state right now…


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