NYSC Registration Without Seeing Your Name on Senate List

Do you want to know if you can do NYSC registration without seeing your name on the Senate List?

There is no NYSC law that says you must see your name on the Senate List before NYSC registration.

However, the process requires that your name is on the Senate list, that’s why you “Lookup Senate” list during online registration.

Let me explain how NYSC registration works.

How NYSC Registration Works

NYSC registration starts by your institutions uploading your basic details on the NYSC portal (Senate List).

So, if you keep seeing “No Record Found” meanwhile some people from your institution have seen their names, you can go ahead to “Lookup Senate”.

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The picture below is the second stage of NYSC online registration.

NYSC Registration Without Seeing Your Name on Senate List

As you can see from the picture above, you will need to “Lookup Senate”;

Looking up Senate means to import your details that your institutions uploaded on the NYSC portal.

As long as your institution upload your name and submit hardy copy of their Senate list, you can register even if it is saying “No record found” on the Senate list portal.

Why it is necessary to begin registration without seeing your name on the Senate list is because there is always a where institution upload candidates First name in place of Surname on the NYSC portal, and this may be the reason you keep seeing “No Record Found”.

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Or you may be checking with a miss spelt Surname or Date of Birth.

So, when you persist to see “No Record Found”, the best thing to do is to find out if anybody from your institution has seen his or name on the Senate List.

If anyone from your institution has seen his or her name, that means your institution has uploaded their Senate list and submitted hard copy of the list to NYSC.

So, if you keep seeing “No Record Found”, go and begin your online so you can have opportunity to “Lookup Senate” list.

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If you “Lookup Senate”, and the system says your school has not submitted hard copy of the Senate list, then wait till your institution submit.

To make the process fast, you can contact your institution to remind them to submit hard copy of the Senate list to NYSC.

But when you “Lookup Senate” and the System allows you, then thank God and continue with your registration.

If you have any question, drop it in the comment section below.

Updated: October 23, 2019 — 3:10 pm

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