NYSC Releases Date For 2020 Batch A Return To Orientation Camp

Recall that on November 1st, Nyscinfo.com reported that 2020 Batch ‘A’ Corps members would return to orientation camp on 21st November 2020.

The Date has now been confirmed by the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). NYSC finally confirmed the date on a statement issued through its verified Facebook page. Loan

NYSC DG, Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim

The statement reads:


You will recall that Management of the National Youth Service Corps in March, 2020 suspended the Orientation Programme for 2020 Batch “A” Corps Members across the 37 camps of the NYSC nationwide, as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Consequently, provision has been made for 2020 Batch “A” Corps Members to return to camp and complete the compulsory NYSC Orientation programme by joining the ongoing 2020 Batch “B” Stream 1A Orientation exercise.

However, in compliance with the COVID-19 safety protocols, Corps Members shall be scheduled on particular dates to report to camp in their current States of service. While the first set of the 2020 Batch “A” will be joining the ongoing 2020 Batch “B” Stream 1A Orientation course with effect from 21st November, 2020, others will be scheduled subsequently.

Accordingly, you are advised to continuously check your dashboard with effect from 18th November, 2020 for the date assigned you to participate in the Orientation exercise. Loan

Finally, you are enjoined to login to your dashboard and print a reporting slip which indicates date of resumption, address of Orientation camp, as well as other relevant information.

Note also COVID-19 test will be conducted on all.

Wishing you a successful exercise.

Thank you.

Management.” Loan

See secular below:

While some Corp Members see this as a welcome development, a vast majority do not seem to find the idea palatable, as they had already moved on with other activities of the scheme, and were already looking forward to the passing out/winding up exercise. Quick loan

The return of 2020 Batch A Corp Members to orientation camps would be in batches, and It is most likely that the first set would move in by November ending. The second set are likely to take their turn by third week of December, while the third and last may make their return mid January, 2021. Loan

Please note that these dates are speculative, and May differ from State to State. Corp Members should endeavour to check their dashboards frequently to know their approved reporting date and other relevant information.

Do you think the idea of returning the 2020 Batch ‘A’ Corp Members to camp is a good one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Loan


  1. Address as urgent as possible,some of us in batch A have not received out allowance for last month and we have met all d necessary requirements.. wht is d guarantee that we will receive our pay.

  2. Please I am 20A batch I have been checking my dashboard but I can’t find my own date pls oo from my heart I wish to join the first set that will return to complete our orientation course how I wish it will be granted.

  3. Pls let our able DG knows that our varios PPAs needs us more than the orientation camp, our yonger ones needs our help, in my own case I’m the only Corp member that remains in my PPA taking six classes, and this is so, because our public school are now lacking enough teachers due to issue of existing of almost 4 batches of Corp members with replacement, and still the Npower volunteers are now not available, in that regards we appeal to our able DG to look at the current challenges our education sector is facing in our dear country,and suspend the issue of going back to Camp cause Is totally waste of time and a setback to our goals.

  4. This is not a welcome development at all, especially for those that will be going around December 13th to 23rd, how do NYSC expect us to celebrate Christmas because some of us are from far distance from our State and besides what is the essence of us going back to camp, SAED? no nah.

  5. I don’t think this idea is good, I don’t also see the need going back to camp, what are we going to do, so many have relocated, we just have few months to go, they should just use this opportunity and send the PCM that are yet to go. Just to waste money and risk peoples life in this ember months.

    • It’s not a welcome idea at all, because going back to camp it’s totally wast of time, some Corp members has already in engaged there self in one way or other the like that, but going back to that camp to complete the orientation course or the SEAD then say….

    • I don’t think is a good idea, I don’t see a need going back to camp since we have been posted to our various PPA.. They should seize the opportunity to send the PCM that are yet to go…
      Specially the one’s going during December for celebrate is risk because of Ember and distance. Thanks

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