NYSC Timetable for 2020 Batch B Stream 1 Is Out

This is to inform the general public that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) timetable for 2020 Batch ‘B’ Stream I is out for public view. Quick loan.

Please, ignore the rumor trending online that the orientation camp date for Batch B Stream IA has been rescheduled to hold on 30th November.

Below is the timetable;

Right now, we shall look at important things you should do to qualify for 2020 Batch B mobilization. Loan

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NYSC Mobilization requirements get loan

Below are important things you should do to qualify for NYSC mobilization;

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If you do the basic things above, you will be mobilized for service. Government loan.

Updated: October 23, 2020 — 10:20 am

The Author

Comrade Nnadi Goodluck

Comrade Nnadi Goodluck started writing since 2007. In 2016, he graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra with a Degree in Educational Management and Policy/Health Education. He did his NYSC in Oyo state.


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  1. John Dugeri iorhemba


  2. Hello, my mobilization status says mobilized. Does this mean I am Batch A Stream 1A?

  3. Pls sir I registered on March 20th, do you think I will make batch B stream 1A list?

  4. Good evening Sir, please I need your help I was wrongly exempted because my date of birth on Jamb was wrongly capture there was a typographical error and I didn’t notice that till after my NYSC registration. So I was told I can change it using WAEC VERIFICATION PIN which I went and purchased it changed it and NYSC Sent me an approval message telling me I should go to my Dashboard and select State of mobilization but still on my dashboard it still the exemption that is still displaying please how can I change it. Thanks

  5. Please Sir,I was wrongly exempted because there was a typographical error while capturing my DOB on Jamb so I did change of birth using Waec verification pin I bought, NYSC sent me an approval message on my mail that the DOB I requested as been changed I should go to my Dashboard and select State of mobilization but on my dashboard it still showing exemption please what will I do over this issue. Please do help me out

    1. Visit NYSC Secretariat in your current state or send email to info@nysc.gov.ng

  6. Oluwaseun Okunrinmeta

    God bless you for this great information given to us in this page..

    Remain bless.

  7. When foreign graduate should go for pre-screening

  8. Pls I laminated my OND result. Then I don’t know that NYSC is not in support of such. What will I do? Will it affect me in camp?

  9. Does this mean people who has completed all necessary procedures but not yet registered can now register to go with batch B1? .. answers please.

    1. No, new registration is next year

  10. Please is it true that NYSC is sending messages via email to some selected PCM for camp?

  11. Yahaya Lawal Mailafiya

    Please when Batch A stream2 Will print their call up letters??

  12. Pls I want to know if registration for batch A stream 2 will still be open and when

  13. David Ishaya Kwache

    Only two names was reflected on my waec, and on my degree course is three names. My surname on the waec is the middle on my degree. How will this affect my regularization?.

  14. Kindly please I need website to check my call up letter

  15. Will access bank account be opened in camp for members or should one have one before camp?

    1. You will open it in camp

  16. Can I change my photo on my dashboard

    1. Yes, but it is by going to the NYSC Secretariat

  17. Please i have this issue of date of birth, on my jamb is reading 1st march , while on my waec result is reading 23rd march while on my national i d is 31st march. So now if am to change the date of bith which one of them will b valid among the 3.

  18. Pls, my date of birth on Waec certificate is not correct, I hope it won’t affect me in d camp, and d date of birth in my green card slip(Nysc) is not correct with what I register in JAMB. Can I use affidavit to back it up.

    1. Since you have successfully registered. There is no problem, you can correct it in camp

  19. My details in my kits specification did not display in my green card slip but I filled it online.
    Please what should I do?

    1. Nothing to do. It is not a problem

  20. I don’t have my original waec result yet,hope it won’t affect me

    1. It will, if you are a foreign trained graduate, but if you are locally trained, there is no need for that.

      1. Hi, I did my jamb regularization but hasn’t been approved yet cause I’m still seeing the course I meant to change. I want to ask if I can follow this Batch A even if the regularization hasn’t been approved yet cause my name is on senate list and will I have an issue at camp over this? Thanks and I’ll be waiting for your reply.

  21. Pls I have lost my original waec certificate but i have photocopies, police report and court affidavit.pls can I ender them at the camp

  22. How can I revalidate my call up letter and as a foreign student is it possible to go for pre-verification since am not in Nigeria now

  23. Suleiman Adams auta

    I was born in 1988 and I graduated 2017/2018 session in Benue state university. Am I legible to go for NYSC in 2020? Pls I need a feedback.

    1. When did your result being approved in 2018, it is before you click 30 or After???

  24. Notify me please

  25. Shamsuddeen yahaya ala


  26. Can permission be granted out after swearing in for two days out of camp

    1. No, why do you want to leave camp?

  27. please let me know when will I know my state of deployment…I don’t even know how to prepare myself for 5th November, I don’t even know where am going to…

  28. Hi.
    Those in the current senate list are for batch 1 or both and when are they moving.

    1. They are for both Stream 1 & 2

  29. Please those who Graduated from Africa International University Khartoum Sudan, do they need evaluation letter?

    Thank you.

  30. please , will schools send names again for batch C stream II 2019 ??

      1. pls i can’t complete my reg bcuz “no more available slot” is what the page is showing..
        pls whats the solution

  31. Admin, my date of birth in my university page and my date of birth in waec ar different(same year and month bt different day)
    bt i mobilized at my uni with my waec date of birth
    wil i b affected?

  32. Sir my name is not on the senate list yet……
    The issue is that my school is yet to approved my result

  33. Pls the birth date on my bank is different from what I used in school , will it affect me when its time to register for nysc

    1. No, it won’t affect you

  34. Sir my name on the Senate list is not correct, how do I go about it

    1. Apply for correction of name during NYSC online registration

  35. Pls d surname on my BVN is different frm d name on my sch documents….will it affect in camp…i have my affidavit of change of name

    1. It will affect you, and I don’t affidavit will help you. Just go to your bank and update your BVN, simple!

      1. Admin,please I graduated last year and I will be 30 by this month..will I be mobilized to serve¿??

    2. Good day admin…. please when are we expected to be in camp

      1. No official date yet

        1. Hello sir, when are we expected to be in camp sir

  36. Hello Sir, I applied for Admission Letter Correction Of Name. But, its still pending and i’m not in matriculation list? And i learnt registration for Batch C will begins on October 14.

    1. If you are not on the matriculation list, print your JAMB result and your name will appear automatically

  37. Good morning sir…ll we get every
    information concerning NYSC here?

    1. Yes, you are covered

  38. about the BVN issues. for instance my first name and last name is the same with my BVN but my middle name is bearing kolawole on BVN and my name on school documents is bearing kola. please can I have issue on opening as
    account for Nysc”

    1. Go and Update your BVN

      1. please what did i need to update my BVN

        1. Just go to your bank, they will you if they require anything from you.

  39. Please sir,is there any mobilization again 4 batch c stream 2

  40. Will there be one registration for both streams or two separate registrations?

    1. Registration will start on 14th Oct for both stream 1 & 2

    2. Please my name is already on nysc sit during bach B but I didn’t register can I register for batch C

      1. Yes, it is allowed

  41. goodevening sir,i have an issues that’s is really confusing me,
    I printed out my jamb admission letter without noticing it was my former course that was on it,which is English education instead of economics education.I did regularization already since last month but it hasn’t been approvrd yet.the question is can I go ahead and mobilize awaiting their approval. pls respond.

    1. I don’t know if I can go to school and mobilize so my name can be on the senate list pending on when my regularization will be approved.Because my name is already on the jamb matriculation list

      1. If your name is already on Matriculation list, just go ahead to sign up for NYSC while waiting for regularization approval

    2. Why did you waste your money doing regularization, that is a simple mistake you can easily correct or you leave it that way? Please, go ahead to sign up NYSC.

    3. Good day Sir,

      I have graduated this year (2019) and
      my result was approved in the month of September and I will click 30years on 21 of October before orientation camp start, please Sir can I get ready for the camp or not?

      1. You will make camp …

  42. So when will camping start?

  43. Please is court affidavit compulsory for registration, I have my marriage certificate and newspaper publish for change of name.should I also go for court affidavit

    1. Court affidavit is not needed, kindly Click Here to see all the NYSC required documents for married women.

    2. Sir,I was admitted into 100level in 2014 and my jamb date of birth was 1988 which shows that my expected year of graduation was 2018.that was 30 years.i didn’t graduate at 2018 unless 2019 which makes it to 31 years because of the speel over.please I want to know can I go for my service.

      1. You are more likely to be exempted

  44. Hello sir,
    Please I want to print out exemption letter.can’t find my name yet in senate list what can I do?

    1. Wait until your school upload senate list.
      Note: You cannot print exemption letter online, you can only print exemption slip which you will use to get your exemption letter, CIick Here to see how to get your exemption letter.

  45. Pls wen camp will be open because is nt in d calendar

    1. It will be communicated to you. Stay updated

    2. You will see it when you print your call-up letter

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