Top 5 Online Saving Platforms in Nigeria

A variety of strenuous and boring occupations have been made easier by the long walk to technology. We recall the days of real piggy banks (traditionally known as ‘Kolo’) that we used to save money. An era of change has swept the sector thanks to innovation and technology. In this article, we lists the top 5 online saving platforms in Nigeria.

The Top 5 Online Saving Platforms in Nigeria

Find below, the five best online saving platforms in Nigeria. These five were selected based on their popularity and good customer reviews. Read also Top 5 Logistics Companies In Nigeria

1. I-invest

I-invest is a pan-African inter-brokerage service provider in conjunction with Sterling Bank Plc, similar to Investment One, which is completely owned by Guaranty Trust Bank. Both novice and experienced investors can use the platform to match their investment maturities to their needs. The savings interest rate ranges from 8% to 11%. Treasury bills are also included in the benefits of investing with it.

2. Piggyvest

This online savings platform, formerly known as ‘PiggyBank,’ is aimed to assist customers better manage their finances. PiggyVest allows users to save in a variety of ways, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Users can put money aside for a certain objective. They can also put restrictions on the account’s withdrawals.

This platform allows customers to receive four free withdrawals each year, which are scheduled on the final day of each quarter. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting your own free withdrawal dates. Withdrawals made outside of these four days are subject to a 5% penalty fee. PiggyVest charges a ten percent interest rate on savings. Its investing interests, on the other hand, include savings, mutual funds, and other types of investments.

3. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is one of Nigeria’s most popular online savings services, allowing you to save and invest through a mobile app. CowryWise allows you to invest in low-, medium-, and high-risk alternatives. Some of these investments span mutual funds, the agriculture sector, and other third-party money market instruments. It thrives on a ten percent savings rate, while investment rates fluctuate.

4. KolоPау

The KolоPау savings platform in Nigeria lets you to save money for a definite goal over a period of time. What’s more, you may share your savings goal with anyone (friends and family), allowing them to contribute to the attainment of your goal. KoloPay has an annual interest rate of up to ten percent and withdrawal fees of up to five percent if you withdraw before the deadline.

5. Investment One

Guaranty Trust Bank [GTB] owns and operates the savings, investment, and private banking platform. Aside from these, Investment One provides a variety of financial services. Asset management, stockbroking, trust and pension fund management, and other services are among them. Investment One has a variable interest rate.

Source: Nyscinfo

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