Polaris Bank Salary Structure: how much a staff earns

Since its name change from Sky bank, the fortunes of Polaris bank has increased drastically, and this has led to its great standing in the league of new generation commercial banks in Nigeria. For salary structure for bank employees in Nigeria, Polaris bank pays in line with the industry standard. The bank salary is structured based on a staff hierarchy of employees: entry level staff, graduate trainee, contract staff, and senior staff.

Each staff salary is tailored in line with their positions, roles and responsibilities the person holds in the bank. In this article, we will reveal how much Polaris bank pays its employees of all categories.

Polaris Bank Salary Structure

Based on Polaris bank salary structure policy, each staff is paid monthly, and according to their positions in the organization’s hierarchy. Salaries are paid according to the rank of individual staff member. Meanwhile, it is important to know that the salary amount is subject to upward or downward review, although the latter is highly unlikely to happen, except in an event where a staff is found to have been guilty of misconduct and is sanctioned accordingly.

1. Graduate Trainee

If you have been wondering about how much a graduate trainee earns at Polaris bank, you will find the answer here. But before then, a graduate trainee is an individual hired and trained in the art of banking for a specific time to enable him acquire the knowledge required for good service delivery. Their salary or training allowance range from N35,000 – N40,000 monthly.

2. Contract Staff

This is a staff that is partially employed by Polaris bank through the help of an external recruiter. While such a staff can be promoted, high and consistent productivity is required for several years. The salary is often N55,000 – N60,000.

3. Entry Level Staff

Entry level staff is a direct employee of the bank. Mostly fresh graduates who have undergone training and have passed the necessary training test. Polaris bank pays them from N100,000 – N110,000 per month.

4. Senior Banking Officers

The senior banking officers at Polaris bank are those employees who are part of the top management echelon of the bank. Among such people are the Polaris bank’s branch managers. And, of course, you don’t expect such people to get paid any less. In fact, they are among the top earners at the bank, and rightly so.

For these senior banking staff, their monthly salaries could begin from as high as N400, 000 and even go higher than that. This, however, is not inclusive of the performance based bonuses which they receive from the bank as a reward for good service delivery.


Polaris bank’s salary structure is one of the most attractive salaries paid by Nigerian commercial banks today. This post revealed the salary structure of the bank to help job seeker with prior knowledge of how much they may likely earn on a monthly basis, when employed.

Source: Nyscinfo

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