Price Of MTN 5G Router And How To Get It In Nigeria

5G will be made available in 7 states in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Kano, Maiduguri, and Owerri, according to MTN’s announcement. A link to pre-order a 5G router has already been made available to the general public. We will explain how to purchase a 5G router in Nigeria in this.

MTN stated that they are testing the 5G infrastructure and that once it is available, consumers with 5G-capable devices would be able to connect and use a new service. Modern technology will enable MTN to increase its presence in Nigeria. Low latency will also make their internet connectivity speedier. You can download in a matter of seconds thanks to 5G connectivity, which is more than ten times quicker than 4G.

Over time, Nigeria has seen the release of 5G devices from companies like Infinix, Samsung, Tecno, and Xiaomi. Some Nigerians already own 5G phones, so they don’t need to update. To experience the speed, you must update or purchase a 5G router if you are already using a 4G device.

Where to Buy MTN 5G Router in Nigeria

On MTN’s Web Portal, the 5G router is officially accessible. Pre-ordering costs nothing, but the final price is 50,000 Naira or if you prefer to pick it up, $73. Several 5G routers are also offered on Jumia and Konga, and they are much less expensive than those from MTN. All of the 5G broadband that the network will provide will be supported by the official MTN router. Make sure that any 5G router you purchase from a third party officially supports the MTN 5G broadband service offered in Nigeria.

You might need to update to a 5G sim card from the MTN network if you wish to utilize 5G on your phone. If you recall, when 4G became available in Nigeria, we had to change our MTN sim cards.

Pre-Order Steps For MTN 5G Router in Nigeria

  • You have to visit the MTN Portal
  • Make sure your Area is covered
  • There is a form where you will fill in your details on the portal
  • Select the device colour and quantity
  • You can add a referral code or additional message otherwise just click on pre-order

You will be added to the waiting list for the MTN 5G router after completing the simple steps above. You will also be one of the first Nigerians to own it. Additionally, MTN announced that upon activation, individuals who pre-ordered the 5G router will receive 100GB.

Reasons to Switch to MTN 5G

According to the telecom giant, 5G connectivity is 10 times quicker than 4G. You can simultaneously connect up to 32 devices with the MTN 5G router. With 5G connectivity, streaming, online gaming, and uploading and downloading data will all be faster. Real-time synchronization and more realism are coming to video games.

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