Prices Of New Haojue Motorcycles In Nigeria 2022

Haojue motorcycles are renowned for their high quality, durability, ease of maintenance, and appealing designs. They are gradually becoming a well-known brand in Nigeria. How much does it cost to own a Haojue motorcycle in Nigeria? We’ll answer this and a few other queries in this article.

Haojue motorcycles are constructed using the finest materials available. As a result, they are effective, long-lasting, and well-liked by motorcycle fans around the world. Haojue Motorcycles can be purchased brand new or slightly used. To see what things are available and how much they cost, look through the following listings:

New Haojue Motorcycles At The Latest Prices 2022

Specialized motorcycle retailers can be found in various parts of the country. Any of these vendors can sell you a Haojue Motorcycle. How much do these motorcycles cost? Take a peek at the list below to find out.

  1. Haojue DR160S: ₦150,000 – ₦300,000
  2. Haojue DK125S HJ125-30A: ₦150,000 – ₦250,000
  3. Haojue HJ110-5: ₦120,000 – ₦200,000
  4. Haojue DF150 HJ150 – 12: ₦170,000 – ₦300,000
  5. Haojue HJ125 – 8F: ₦200,000 – ₦350,000
  6. Haojue HJ125 – 8K: ₦280,000 – ₦350,000
  7. Haojue HJ125 – 11A: ₦250,000 – ₦450,000
  8. Haojue HJ125: ₦220,000 – ₦450,000
  9. Haojue HJ150 – 11A: ₦220,000 – ₦400,000
  10. Haojue HJ150 – 11: ₦250,000 – ₦400,000
  11. Haojue TR150/S HJ150-16/A: ₦200,000 – ₦450,000
  12. HJ125-2H: ₦200,000 – ₦400,000
  13. HJ150-2C: ₦250,000 – ₦400,000
  14. HJ150-2E: ₦250,000 – ₦450,000
  15. HJ150-6A: ₦250,000 – ₦400,000
  16. HJ125-7F: ₦250,000 – ₦400,000
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Please keep in mind that the prices of these things can change depending on a number of factors. Changes in customs duty, changes in government policy, geography, vendor regulations, and company policies are just a few of the variables. We’ll keep an eye out for pricing changes and notify you as soon as we learn about them.

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Updated: April 25, 2022 — 8:45 am

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