Reasons Why You Must Have An International Passport

You won’t realize how useful an International Passport is until an opportunity presents itself and passes you by. Some applications are time-limited, and passport processing can take a long time, and if you’re unlucky, that’s the end of it.

You might be wondering why you’d need an international passport at this level. Let me tell you, it’s critical in a number of areas, all of which I’ll discuss here.

An international passport has a five-year validity period from the date of issue.

1. Replacement for Other Forms of Identifications

Any other form of identification card or document can be replaced with an international passport. When applying for a job or a grant, the demand must be considered. It can be specified as one of the uploadable documents or used in place of another.

2. Scholarship

This is something that no one wants to overlook. We almost gave up renewing an international passport during the covid-19 shutdown at the immigration office last year because the deadline for the scholarship was looming and we weren’t expecting it to arrive in time, especially given the immigration office’s delays.

It just needed the intervention of one of the Vice-Chancellors of a public university, who made a phone call after learning that some students at a specific institution were processing their passports. That they should be dealt with as soon as possible. That’s how we were able to beat the deadline.

Another man who was with us never gave up, but who was still waiting for his international passport had already missed the deadline for the job he applied for in France after finishing his doctoral studies in Nigeria. He was fortunate in that his was also processed.

You might be lucky, like the man above, and acquire a job in another country that you applied for while an undergraduate or postgraduate student. The time to submit the requisite documents, one of which is the passport, may be short. This is yet another crucial factor for which you must prepare.

3. Studying Abroad

Students who would like to travel out as tourists during their break also need to get it ready. Those who have prospects beyond the shores of Nigeria are equally advised to get it ready as you might not know when you need it. Many students have lost one or two opportunities because they were not able to provide it at the stipulated time.

You never know when you’ll need your passport, so get it ready today to beat any deadline!

Best of luck!

Source: Nyscinfo

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