Schengen Visa Interview In Nigeria: top mistakes to avoid

Have you ever questioned the effect that visa interview has on getting your Schengen visa application approved in Nigeria? Recall that we told in our previous article that Schengen visa let you travel from one member nation to the rest member countries who are signatories to the Schengen treaty. Also check Steps For Applying For Schengen Visa in Nigeria.

There are 23 European countries that formed the Schengen nations. Some of these countries include Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Austria, etc.

In this post, you will learn how to boost your chances of getting your Schengen visa approved by knowing the common mistakes to avoid during your interview sessions at any of the Schengen embassy or consular offices in Nigeria. It might interest you to know that the guidelines provided here are also useful for other visa interviews.

The following are the mistakes you should avoid during Schengen visa interview:

1. Lateness

Upon your Schengen visa application, the consulate will inform you of the date and time that your visa interview will be conducted. Because of the little time that embassies have, as they are under pressure to attend to many people, avoid arriving late for your visa interview. Getting there early helps you relax and increase your confidence.

2. Inappropriate Answers

Providing inappropriate answers will reduce, drastically, your chances of getting a visa. Ensure that you prepared well by researching on the likely questions that you will be asked. You can do a little research on this, online. Do not toy with the risk of giving wrong answers.

3. False Answers and Skipping of Questions

One of the reasons for a visa interview is for the Schengen diplomatic office to have a one-on-one conversation with you to understand if the details supplied in your visa application form were accurate and honest. Provide answers that agree with the information you provided on your application form.

4. Inappropriate Appearance

The way you appear at the interview session matters a lot to the Consular officer. Like a saying goes, you will be addressed the way you are dressed. It is most appropriate to dress formally for the interview. But if you must not do that, ensure that you look good and very responsible.

5. Incomplete Supporting Documentation

Before you leave your house for the interview, ensure you find out and arrange all the documents that will be needed during the interview. The interview officer expects to have all documents supporting the information you provide at the interview.

6. Unnecessary information

Ensure you understand each question in order to provide the answers to avoid being seen as unserious. Do not give exaggerated answers that will require you to explain further, as you are not expected to give explanations during a visa interview.

7. Nervousness

Being nervous will destroy your confidence completely and throw you off balance. Do not be shaky, don’t have unstable eyes or speak too much of your achievements.

8. Disagreeing With the Visal Official

Going into any form of debate with the consular official will do your chances of getting your visa a great harm. Avoid being too loud, because bad approach towards the officer will portray you as someone with destructive tendencies. Should you have any objection about whatever the official says, be diplomatic when trying to clarify an issue.

Source: Nyscinfo

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