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As a producer, manufacturer, or importer, you are required to register your products with the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) before you can sell them in the Nigerian market. In this article, we will show you how to register your products with the Standard Organization of Nigeria.

SON is a government agency, which has the responsible for ensuring that products sold in Nigeria meet the quality standard approved by the federal government of Nigeria.

Why you should register your products with SON

It is a compulsory requirement by the government of Nigeria. Another reason is that registered products are easy to trace during the importation process and it also promise transparency.

Benefits for registering product with SON

  • It makes your product easy to be traced, in case there is a need to trace the distribution.
  •  Registering your products gives them credibility, as it separate them from fake ones.
  • It reduce the circulation of low-quality goods via assessment and tasting.
  • Upon completion of registration with SON, your product is certified to be of good quality by having it marked with the SON logo.

Punishments for failing to register products with SON

The need to register your product is a requirement backed by the Nigerian law. As such, failing to register your products comes with heavy punishment if you are caught. Below are the penalties for not registering your products with SON:

  • You will be fined by SON
  • Arrested and prosecuted by the court
  • Your products will be impounded by the Inspectorate and Compliance Directorate

How register your products with SON

Below are steps to register your business with standard organization of Nigeria:

1.  Visit SON officiaI website at

  1. Click on the “e-registration” on the homepage.

  2. Click on “Create Account” if you don’t already have an account or “Login” if you are an old business with an existing account.

  3. Choose a new account for new registration and provide Business Number (E.g. RC1111). Ensure you have a valid email address.

  4. Click on “Sign Up” and a 6 digit pin will be generated and sent to your email. You will require this to login.

  5. Input your Business Number as ID and the Pin as password.

  6. Fill in your company’s information and hit on the “Continue” button.

  7. Print the generated payment instruction and proceed to the bank with it. It comes with the RRR code you will use to make payment.

  8. Login to the website again and input all the information about your product and complete the registration


To avoid SON harassment, it is very important to register your product as a prerequisite for selling the product in the Nigerian market. The registration procedures are straight and easy to understand.

Source: Nyscinfo

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