Steps In Funding eNaira Wallet From Bank Account

Since the eNaira has been launched, it is paramount to know the steps in funding eNaira Wallet from bank account.

The eNaira speed wallet can be funded via a normal bank account. Read also: FG Launches eNaira, Mints N500m on Monday

Although, since the currency is recently launched, several persons are yet to know how it can be used.

Looking into the wallet, the eNaira wallet is a digital storage/purse where eNaira is stored.

Without the wallet, users can’t hold, access, nor be able to use the eNaira currency.

Steps In Funding eNaira Wallet Directly From Bank Account

The steps in funding the eNaira speed wallet directly from your bank account are stipulated below;

  1. Login to your mobile banking application or online banking platform.
  2. Locate the eNaira button which has being added to banking apps and click on it.
  3. Choose the type of eNaira account (Either individual or Merchant).
  4. Choose a type of transfer (Either transfer to eNaira or withdraw from eNaira).
  5. Input your eNaira username, which is your personal email address attached to your BVN.
  6. Input your eNaira wallet password.
  7. Add a remark, then proceed by clicking to continue where necessary.
  8. Input the right authentication requirements (i.e. transaction pin or online/mobile banking token.
  9. Access you wallet to confirm the funded eNaira.

With the above steps well taken, everyone can easily fund their eNaira speed wallet without passing through stress.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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