They Pay N88,000 Per Hour: Canadian-Based Lady Reveals Secret

A Nigerian lady residing in Canada, Seyi Obasi, recently shared an exciting online job opportunity on TikTok that has the potential to earn N88,000 or 100 Dollars per hour. The job, known as ‘Empathic Listening’, is accessible on the popular freelancing platform, Fiverr… READ MORE!

Emphasizing the demand for empathic listening skills, Seyi highlighted that many people seek someone to talk to online, creating an opportunity for individuals with good listening skills to connect with clients and earn substantial income.

According to Seyi, opening a Fiverr account is the first step to tapping into this lucrative gig. She encourages people from various backgrounds, including males, females, housewives, and those in different careers, to explore this remote work option that can be done from the comfort of their homes using just a phone… >> CONTINUE READING!

Seyi’s post provides a straightforward guide, urging interested individuals to visit the Fiverr website, open an account, and search for listening opportunities to kickstart their money-making journey.

To validate the legitimacy of this opportunity, checks by revealed the presence of empathic listeners on Fiverr. These listeners offer their services at varying rates, ranging from N4,000 to as high as N177,000. Premium listening packages, as seen by, could even reach N442,000.

The post has generated reactions on social media, with users expressing interest and seeking guidance on using Fiverr for this purpose. Seyi’s revelation opens up possibilities for those seeking remote work with substantial hourly pay.

Several social media users expressed their eagerness to explore this opportunity, with comments reflecting genuine interest and inquiries about withdrawing earnings in their respective countries. Seyi’s response could offer valuable insights into the practical aspects of utilizing Fiverr for international freelancers.

One user, @Abynah Konadu, raised a common concern, asking about the possibility of withdrawing earnings in their country. This query indicates the global interest in the job and emphasizes the need for clear information on the financial logistics of the opportunity.

Another user, @Nymoh, showcased enthusiasm, stating, “I want it…I am very empathetic and kind…I want it.” This sentiment resonates with those who believe they possess the necessary skills and are eager to leverage them for earning potential.

@FAITH ASSEMBLY sought guidance, admitting, “I created an account with Fiverr but don’t know how to make use of it. Please help.” This user’s request for assistance underscores the importance of providing practical guidance for individuals who might be new to freelancing on platforms like Fiverr.

Seyi Obasi’s initiative not only introduces a unique online job prospect but also highlights the broader interest in remote work, especially during a time when flexible earning opportunities are highly valued.

In summary, Seyi Obasi’s disclosure on Fiverr’s empathic listening job presents a legitimate and potentially lucrative opportunity for individuals to earn N88,000 or 100 Dollars per hour, showcasing the diverse earning potential on online platforms… CONTINUE READING!

They Pay N88,000 Per Hour