Top 10 Websites To Search and Apply For Jobs In Spain

Websites where you can apply for employment in Spain. In these uncertain times, looking for work may appear to be a lost cause. It is critical to learn how to search as effectively as possible, whether you are looking for your first job in Spain or changing jobs. The good news is that current technology and the internet provide us with more tools than in the past, when searching was more virtual than face-to-face.

Thanks to the abundance of job-searching websites available nowadays, you can find jobs more conveniently and quickly. You can use these websites to apply for jobs in Spain or to find any type of job you want. These are simple websites, and some of them provide extra features that will help you obtain your dream job faster.

Top 10 Websites To Search and Apply For Jobs In Spain

Let’s go check out these websites without wasting any time. You can work and take jobs from the comfort of your own home.

1. Infoempleo

Infoempleo is one of the most popular websites for job seekers in Spain. It now has over 6 million registered users after more than 30 years in existence. It also features a training portal called “Advance in your Career,” which collects a wide range of training, direction, and counseling options. It’s one of the sites on the list that will help you find the job of your dreams.

2. Monster

Monster is another popular website for applying for jobs in Spain. Monster is a multinational job-search website. The site was created roughly two decades ago. It has now evolved into a global provider of recruiting and talent management services.

Monster operates similarly to the other websites on the list and is extremely simple to use. You can create a profile and/or upload a resume file. Furthermore, you can choose your search terms and then receive offers with a single click. On the other side, you can use filters to optimize and narrow the search by specifying the boundaries surrounding a spot.

3. LinkedIn

Being active on LinkedIn is another strategy to find work in Spain. LinkedIn is a social network that allows you to connect with people in your industry as well as potential employers. The website connects you to millions of jobs all over the world. It also presents job recommendations according to your profile.

LinkedIn differs from similar services in that it may be used as a public virtual resume. You have the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments, duties, and previous work. Companies, on the other side, can find qualified candidates through LinkedIn Recruiter.

This allows them to monitor the selection process, contact candidates, evaluate their profiles, and save those who are a good fit for their projects. So, if you wish to work in Spain, start by using LinkedIn.

4. Indeed

Indeed is one of the world’s most popular job boards. You can locate, attract, and hire great candidates for your open roles. You may submit a job ad for free on Indeed. allows you to post a job posting for free. You can also sponsor a position to boost its reach and visibility. Furthermore, by creating your company profile, you can promote your workplace branding.

5. Turijobs

Turijobs is another excellent website for people looking for a part-time job in Spain. As previously said, many students are looking for part-time jobs that they can fit around their studies. This will require a significant amount of weekend and evening work. And jobs in the hotel and tourism industries are most suited to that time range. Working in the hospitality or tourism industries might not just boost your earnings. However, it will also provide you with the opportunity to develop your language skills. Visit Turijobs if this sounds like a good fit, and join the wonderful world of food and fiestas.

6. Domestika

Domestika is a creative community in Spain. The site provides a variety of services, which has helped it attract financial backing and become one of Spain’s few unicorns. It offers a diverse range of courses in marketing, business, calligraphy, fashion, and handicraft. This website’s major goal is to give digital education.

It does, however, have a section devoted to job opportunities that focus on the same training specialties as others. This allows both students and other job seekers to find a job that meets their needs and skill set. You can utilize the website to apply for any available positions in Spain. It also has various tools that help job seekers improve their abilities.

7. Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent was established in 2009. It is currently active in Spain and the world’s most important countries. It is one of the few Spanish startups with unicorn status, a designation given to companies valued more than one million euros. Organizations in Spain have used Jobandtalent’s platform for years to discover the talent they need for their workforces. On its website, there are hundreds of job vacancies. On this site, you can find a tech job or a logistical job. The user interface is straightforward and straightforward. It also offers other benefits that every job seeker will like.

8. Trabajos

This is one of the best websites to look for a part-time job in Spain. Trabajos specializes at placing people in his type of employment since he has a large database of firms looking for great personnel. You might wish to indulge in some physical activity to balance off all the time spent studying at a desk.

Waitressing, bartending, teaching, delivery, interpreting, and more jobs are on the list. Alternatively, you can work in the countryside on weekends or when you have time off from school. This website is ideal for students looking for a part-time employment.

9. Cornerjob

The cornerjob website launched in 2015 and is part of the Eurofirms group, which is one of Spain’s leading HR enterprises. CornerJob has the advantage of allowing you to register and access job opportunities in less a minute. To make it faster and easier, you simply need to enter the necessary information, such as your name, phone number, and the type of job you’re looking for. It’s a good website for finding a job in Spain rapidly.

10. Infojobs

Infojobs is one of the most popular job-search websites in Spain. This is due to the fact that they have the largest database of open opportunities. If you’re only going to be in Spain for a year or less, don’t waste your time looking for work. Because of Infojobs’ plethora of opportunities, you’ll find a job quickly. The Infojobs team strives to be the platform that links job seekers and employers as quickly as possible. Furthermore, they aid job seekers through their study guide and guidance section. So, even if you’re in a different country, you can do job searches quickly.

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