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ATTENTION! The Universal Basic Education Board (UBEC), Federal Teachers’ Scheme (FTS) list of successful applicants has been released. Here we will show you the UBEC shortlist for all the States in Nigeria.

UBEC shortlist 202/

Note: If your State UBEC shortlist has not been uploaded on this page, check back later as we are uploading States batch by batch.

According to UBEC management, the list of successful applicants for 2020/2021 can be accessed at the headquarters of their State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). But we have done a nice job by saving you from the stress of visiting SUBEB.

So, you can download the full PDF shortlist of successful candidates right from this page.

UBEC shortlist for all States in Nigeria for 2020

We have compiled the UBEC FTS shortlist for all States in Nigeria.

Kindly download the UBEC list of successful applicants for your respective States below;

  1. FCT Abuja UBEC FTS shortlist

  2. Oyo State FTS Shortlist

  3. Yobe State FTS Shortlist

  4. Delta State FTS shortlist

  5. Kaduna State FTS Shortlist

  6. Adamawa State FTS Shortlist

  7. Plateau State FTS Shortlist

  8. Ondo State FTS Shortlist

  9. Sokoto State FTS Shortlist

  10. Lagos State FTS Shortlist

  11. Enugu State FTS Shortlist

  12. Ogun State FTS Shortlist

  13. Anambra State FTS Shortlist

  14. Akwa Ibom State FTS Shortlist

  15. Abia State FTS Shortlist

  16. Bauchi State FTS Shortlist

  17. Nasarawa State FTS Shortlist

Note: If your State UBEC FTS list has not been uploaded on this page, kindly check back or refresh this page later, as we will upload more States. Thanks for your understanding.


  1. From Bauchi state more information about this portal Nyif candidate shortlisted when?

    Anthem mysel.

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