Unilever Future Leaders Programme For African Graduates 2023

Young voices have always been a potent change agent. With your positive energy, passion, and creative ideas, you can make things happen at Unilever. Bring your mission to life in your job, and together we can pave the route to a more sustainable future.

Overview of the program

During the course of our Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP), which typically lasts three years, you can learn about our 400 diverse brands’ business operations and environmental initiatives. You will not only bring your unique perspective to work, but you will also investigate your purpose through a variety of assignments. You’ll benefit from formal training, dive into on-the-job experiences, and have a mentor on hand when you need one. Every day, try something new and embark on an interesting professional path at Unilever.

Our Individualized Development Process

You will be given a committed career sponsor as part of the UFLP who will advise and guide you throughout the program. Your career sponsor will help you develop your career goals and identify the experiences you’ll need to get there. These encounters will consist of:

  • Functional critical experiences in your specialisation function
  • Flexible goals to create value through business, sustainability, and leadership impact
  • International experiences working in multi-national teams through virtual global projects or international placements
  • Empowerment to build your leadership skills and agile thinking
  • Your journey may also include various non-traditional developmental experiences including:
    • Working with NGO partners to be a force for good
    • Sustainability projects for a better world
    • Short-term, fast-paced projects working with flexible cross-functional teams

Eligibility Criteria

Selection Process

  • Online application: Complete the online application form. It is a simple and easy process with the option of filling out your details using your LinkedIn profile. You may only apply to one function in your application.
  • Profile assessment: Complete a profile assessment that consists of 5 short online games that look at different elements of your cognitive, emotional, and social traits. You will receive personalized feedback after completing the games.
  • Digital interview: The digital interview will consist of 3 short questions followed by a business case. You will be asked to solve real-world problems using Unilever scenarios. You’ll be able to record and complete your interview anytime and anywhere.
  • Virtual Discovery Centre :You will be invited to a virtual ‘day in the life of’ a Future Leader at Unilever. You will get to experience a number of exciting activities including project meetings, business challenges, a team meeting with colleagues, and a one-to-one meeting with your line manager.Rewards and Advantages

We at Unilever are proud of the job we accomplish. We are putting out effort to create a better company, a better planet, and a better you. We are renowned for the fact that we care. And that’s why we assist our employees by providing flexible benefits and incentives that enable them to fulfill their purpose.

Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list of the advantages and rewards of working with Unilever. Upon joining the organization, more details on the benefit package will be made available. Policies could differ from those outlined and are subject to change.

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