Video Update of Nexit Program And Packages

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has spoken about the packages and commencement of the Nexit program. This post entails the video update of Nexit Program.

Hon. Sadiya U. Farouq recently spoke about the Nexit program.

According to her, the training of successful applicants will commence soon, likewise the stipulated starters package will be given thereafter.

In one of our previous post; Training of Exited NPower Volunteers To Begin In October – FG we elucidated all that was said by the minister regarding the Nexit training and starter packages.

Although some persons are still in doubt, which brought about the video update.

From the live video Update of Nexit program, the commencement of the training will be in the month of October 2021.

After the training session is when the starter packs will be given to beneficiaries involved.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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