What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

Many Corps members do not know exactly the next step to take or where to go after being discharged from the NYSC orientation camp. Some of them travel back to their homes, some to their Place of Primary Assignment and some are just stranded.

In this article, we shall be looking at what next to do after the NYSC camping.

What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

1. Report to your Place of Primary Assignment(PPA)

This the first thing to do immediately after being discharged from the NYSC orientation camp. You may see people travelling back to different States, do not join them because those are the ones that secured redeployment while in camp.

For those that do not have redeployment approval, report directly to your PPA. But if in case your PPA is very far from your orientation camp, go to the Local Govt council and spend night there, there usually Corpers’ lodge in every Local Govt council. In the following day (morning), go to your PPA with your posting letter. Please, make sure you collect your posting letter from your camp platoon officer before leaving camp.

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The reason you should take your posting letter to your PPA is for them to either accept or reject you.

Your posting letter will be addressed to the head of your PPA (employer), and a detachable form is underneath the letter which the head of your PPA would detached after signing. Accept or Reject would be written on the detachable form, and you are to take it back to your Local Inspector (Li).

Tips: Make one photocopy of your posting letter before taking it to your PPA.

In the detachable form, the PPA will either write “Accepted” or “Rejected” and stamp it.

Example; If your PPA is a secondary school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of the letter, and then write Accepted or Rejected in.

Whether you are accepted or Rejected, you should take the detachable form signed by the principle to your Local Govt Inspector (LGI).

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2. Submit your letter of acceptance or rejection to your Zonal Office or Local Inspector office as the case maybe

This is actually the second step to take, though we have touched part of it in step 1 because its importance.

So, in your PPA, the form that indicates whether you are Accepted or Rejected will be detached and be given to you.

You are to submit the form to the NYSC Zonal Office. But depending on the distance between the Zonal office and the Local Govt your PPA is located, a Local Inspector (Li) will be attached to your area who will be collecting the form and keep other records.

Note: If you are rejected in your PPA, stop at this step 2 until you get another PPA, in most cases your Li or Zonal inspector will re-post you to another PPA.

But if you have been accepted, proceed to step 3.

3. Enjoy your 2-week leave (depending on you PPA)

Once you have completed steps 1-2, the next is to enjoy your 2-week leave. You can use that opportunity to travel to your home to meet your people.

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But don’t just travel like that, before you travel, you are to write leave application letter directing it to the NYSC Director-General. See how to write NYSC leave letter.

Please, don’t do ‘over sabi’, NYSC leave letter is not just ordinary formal letter you know how to write, there is format to writing and I would like you to check it out… Click here to see the format.


What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

  1. Report to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

  2. Submit your letter of acceptance or rejection letter to the NYSC Office

  3. Enjoy your 2-week leave.

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