What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

Many Corps members do not know exactly the next step to take or where to go after being discharged from the NYSC orientation camp. Some of them travel back to their homes, some to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and some others are just stranded. In this article, I will show you what next to do after NYSC camping.

What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

Below are steps to follow (starting from step one);

1. Report to your PPA

This is the first thing to do after being discharged from the NYSC orientation camp. You may see people travelling to different places. Do not join them because those are the ones that secured redeployment while in camp.

If you are not redeployed, report to the PPA you are posted to. Your PPA will provide accommodation for your, but you can lodge in Corpers’ lodge for the main time.

There is Corpers’ lodge in every Local Govt council, you go the Local Govt Council in the area they posted you.

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So, the following day (morning), you can go to your PPA with your posting letter. Please, make sure you collect your posting letter from your camp platoon officer before leaving NYSC camp.

When you take your posting letter to your PPA, they will either accept or reject you. Your posting letter will be addressed to the head of your PPA (employer), and there will be a detachable form underneath.

If they reject or accept you, they will write it on the detachable form or give you a rejection letter. So, whether they accept or reject you, you should take the document to your Local Govt Inspector (LGI) for documentation.

Tips: Make one photocopy of your posting letter before taking it to your PPA.

In the detachable form, the PPA will either write “Accepted” or “Rejected” and stamp it.

Example; If your PPA is a secondary school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of your posting letter, and then write either accepted or rejected.

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Whether you are accepted or rejected, remember to take the detachable form to your LGI’s office for documentation.

2. Submit your letter of acceptance/rejection to LGI

This is actually the second step to take. After reporting to your PPA, you will be given a letter that shows whether you are accepted or rejected.

You are to submit the letter to the NYSC Zonal Office or the office of LGI depending on the distance between the Zonal office and the Local Govt your PPA. NYSC usually attach LGI to some areas.

Note: If you are rejected in your PPA, DO NOT proceed to the step3 until you get another PPA. In most cases your LGI or Zonal Inspector will repost you to another PPA or you can find PPA for yourself.

3. Enjoy your 2-week leave

After you have completed steps 1 and 2, the next is to enjoy your 2-week leave. You can use your leave opportunity to travel home and meet your people.

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But before you travel, you need to write and submit a leave application letter to the NYSC Director General, through your LGI, and through the NYSC state Coordinator. See how to write NYSC leave letter.

Please, don’t do ‘over sabi’ for NYSC leave letter. It is not just the normal formal letter you know how to write. There is format for writing NYSC leave letter. I know you would like to check it out… Click here to see the format.


What next to do after the NYSC Camping?

  1. Report to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

  2. Submit your letter of acceptance/rejection to LGI

  3. Enjoy your 2-week leave.

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  1. If u are posted to you PPA are u going to be interview, what and what are the likely questions

    1. They are not allowed to interview Corpers. Just show them your posting papers

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