Where To Put Money For Your Investment In 2022

Various investment firms in Nigeria nowadays are attempting to assist individuals in achieving their financial objectives. Basically, these businesses assist you by managing your assets and providing appropriate advice. Cowry Asset Management is a well-known Nigerian investing firm. Everything you need to know about it is right here.

About Cowry Asset Management

Cowry Asset Management is a private investment firm founded in 2005 by a group of specialists and entrepreneurs. These specialists are well-known in a variety of economic fields, including banking, education, business, and the capital market. The corporation was formed to participate in all aspects of the capital market. However, it has a strong emphasis on investment banking, financial constituent service, corporate finance, and securities trading, among other things.

Cowry Asset Management provides what services?

Cowry provides a wide range of financial services. They include the following:

1. Investment Banking

Cowry assists institutions in making the best investment decisions. Basically, the organization assists by providing long-term funding options to institutions. This is accomplished by the issue of stock, bonds, and debentures, as well as asset securitization. You can also learn more about investment banking.

2. Trading in Securities

Securities trading refers to investments in equity or debt that a company’s management intends to trade for a profit in the short term. Cowry essentially assists you in profitably purchasing and selling stocks. They also provide you with vital stock market information.

3. Asset Administration

Cowry can assist you in properly managing your assets. Your investment portfolio will gain value and grow as a result of the company’s efforts. Through their web interface, you can also view and monitor your trades. In Nigeria, Cowry asset management differs from traditional asset finance.

4. Real Estate

Cowry has a wide choice of enticing real estate opportunities to choose from. It assists customers by purchasing or selling homes on their behalf. Other services provided by the organization include renovation, re-leasing, and trading of existing structures.

5. Advisory services

Cowry Consulting Services aims to assist all Nigerian states in becoming economically self-sufficient. In addition, the organization intends to accomplish this through offering business consulting and management in the area of revenue generation to states. Cowry essentially safeguards its stockholders by providing competent financial management consulting services.

Source: Nyscinfo

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