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Why NYSC 2019 Batch B POP may Not Hold On 28th

Recall that the NYSC Director-General, Brig. Shuaibu Ibrahim granted Corps members the permission to travel home due to Covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria.

The question is, now that the Passing out parade date for 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 1 has been announced, how would Corps members cross the state borders given to the fact that interstate borders have been locked to stem the spread of COVID-19?

This is a question that only the NYSC DG can provide the answer. In his circular, he failed to make clarifications on that, perhaps he has forgotten that he permitted Corps members to travel outside their States of service at the wake of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

However, NYSC said it would strictly obey social distancing protocols while issuing Certificates to the passing out Corps Members.

“The Distribution of Certificates of National Service be staggered for a period of ten (10) days, at the first instance, in compliance with the approved protocol of social distancing, and continued thereafter depending on the number of the remaining Certificates.”

Meanwhile, Corps members who travelled home cannot return to their States of service for the collection of National Service Certificates due to interstate borders lock.

The NYSC DG should be informed that most of the passing out corps members are legally not within their States of deployment because they were granted permission to travel.

So, the second question is, who would NYSC issue National Service Certificates during the ten (10) days period since most Corps members traveled?

Does NYSC encourage ‘stay at home’ by asking corps members and its officials to meet at designated places for issuance of Certificates?

Will the government allow Corps members to cross interstate borders for collection of NYSC Certificates?

For this reason, we urge the NYSC DG to make use of post offices to deliver National Service Certificates to the deserving Corps Members.

You can tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Bldr Temple


    Did you know our problem as Nigerians is impatience some corps members were shouting when are passing out and the passing out parade date is here now. Now again we are shouting were is the the road we will pass through after the POP day please let me let you know something this is Nigeria were our rulers are happy seeing us cry, Rejoice seeing us shard tears but remember THE WIND WILL SURELY CALM

  2. Success Thomas


    DG should say something about our return to our various States of deployment, how do we cross borders? Let him use his office and appeal to FG to grant all passing out corps members one week access to cross borders. Because he granted us permission to travel to our various States of origin due to the Covid19 pandemic.

  3. Grace Samuel


    What will be the fate of corps members who were not able to travel before the lockdown. Some corps members are still working because of the organization they work with. Some other organizations stopped working only after the lockdown. The DG should look into paying a stipend to the Batch B corps members until this lockdown is over. Because organizations that stopped working after the lockdown are not paying. If allowed ends this month end and lockdown continues, how will we manage? Please the DG should look into this seriously



    This is a very good point so I urge the DG to look into it and take deserving action.
    I was granted permission to travel to the state of my origin and could not go back due to the global pandemic. Please I will appreciate if we can collect our discharged certificate from our state of origin we traveled to. Things are hard, and we are managing to survive, how can we use the little we have for transportation to and fro our redeployment states? Please help and hear us.

  5. Joy Jeremiah Sunday


    Exactly what have been to cross boarder to my state of deployment. Pls d DG should say smtin

  6. Sunday Bukola


    They should send it through email.
    Am sure that won’t be difficult to do.



    I will suggest that instead of the DG of NYSC to make use of the Postal Service, I have the opinion that they should rather add it to our dashboards where we can download our National Service Certificates on NYSC portal..Probably for the period of this Covid-19 case only

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