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Why you see YOU ARE IN STREAM 2 on your NYSC dashboard

Why you see You are in Stream 2. However, you institution has not submitted hard copy, be patient.

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Why you see You are in Stream 2

We wish to congratulate all the Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) for their online registration. Please, note that NYSC Online registration for Batch A (Stream 1) commenced on 20th Feb, 2020. The deadline for the registration is 2nd March, 2020.

However, this post was created to explain why some PCMs are seeing “You are in Stream 2. However, you institution has not submitted hard copy, be patient”.

I’m sure that many of you would want to know why you are seeing ‘You are in Stream 2’ message. Just before that.

For every NYSC Batch, there used to be Stream 1 & 2, and this 2020 Batch ‘A’ is not an exception.

The reason NYSC split a Batch into Stream (1&2) is because there is not enough space in Orientation Camp to accommodate all the registered graduates at once.

So, splitting a Batch into Streams will make the work easier and less tedious for the management. Currently NYSC mobilize 3 batches (A,B&C) per year, and each Batch is subdivided into Stream (1&2).

Why you see “You are in Stream 2”

The main reason is because your institution are yet to upload their senate list or submit the hard copy of the Senate list to the NYSC Head Office, Abuja.

After uploading of the Senate list, Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) are expected to also submit the hardcopy to NYSC.

So, if your institution does not meet this requirement before the commencement of online registration, NYSC will push them to Stream 2.

Also, if a candidate does not register on time, chances are that he/she will be placed in Stream 2.

What to do if you are in Stream two

Just be patient while waiting for Stream 2 registration to commence. There is nothing bad about Stream 2 just that you’ll have to wait for extra one month. Thank you

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  1. pamela


    Good day, I was mobilized last year February 2020 but didn’t register due to my health challenge, is it possible I register now, urgent answer pls.

  2. Muhammed muhammed


    Good morning sir Humphrey. For over 2months now, i have been trying to do my nysc registration, as you know, the nysc registration has been on and off. Each time they open the portal and i try to do my registration, it keeps on saying you are in stream 2,however your institution has not submitted hardcopy. Be patient. For more than 2months now fa. I contact my school dean students affairs to lodge my complain, he said they had submitted everything to nysc. That the fault is from nysc. This thing is up to 3months and I have been seeing the same message. What do i do please? My name is on the nysc varied list or its equivalent.. They said my information was uploaded successfully and that i can register. But coming to the registration portal, it keeps saying i am in stream 2, however your institution has not submitted hardcopy, be patient. I am really running out of patience and i don’t know what to do. Advice me please.

    • Muhammed muhammed



  3. obua


    Sir my senate list satus said that my record has been upload successfully but as i try registering, thit said i am in stream 2, how ever your school has not submitted hard copy.
    I logded a complain to my dean and he said he submitted everything.
    Any advice on this.

    • You are in Stream 2, try to register on 13th March

    • Adeniyi


      I have the same issue since last year. I’m still unable to register

  4. David


    Sir my names interchange during registration that is the arrangements is not base on surname other name and middle name how will I do sir?

    • You can rearrange it when you get to camp or apply for rearrangement through your dashboard

  5. Oreoluwa Olawoyin


    Please if my dashboard shows you have been suspended please contact your state coordinator or NYSC HQ
    Foreign students

    • Go to the NYSC Secretariat in the state you are to sort it out

  6. Bogo


    sir, does batch A have streams

  7. Friday


    Pls there is a mistake in the order of arrangement of my name, my first name and my middle name interchange during my regularization, does it matter, if yes how do I go about it

    • You can apply for correction during or after online registration through your dashboard

  8. Yahya Gidare


    Sir I have been registered and it shows A wait callup number, so it’s possible to be in stream1?

  9. Esther


    Please sir i was about registering today, and the man mistaking use another persons passport on my details and send it went. Am as asking if is possible for me to change d passport in d system or shld i go to NYSC secretariat, can dey be able to change d passport and put my own please i need answer. I having been crying since morning

  10. Prince


    Please will Batch A 2020 actually have stream 2 in case someone misses the stream 1 because there are so many speculations that Batch A don’t have stream 2.

  11. Ola


    Sir, can I decide to go with stream 2 after printing my call up letter?
    Due to some reasons?

    • No, if you miss stream 1, you can only revalidate and go with Batch B

  12. Aishatu Muhammad Shuaib


    Psls ifi may ask wen r u starting for d next batch

  13. Muktar Adamu Muhammad



  14. Lilian


    Please sir can you please answer my question

  15. Moses Asah


    Hello, pls the order of my names was altered in the nysc senate lists with my other name put as my surname, how do I go about rectifying this? Thank you.

    • You can apply for rearrangement during or after online registration

  16. Sk


    I saw my name in senate list but I can’t register.

  17. Yusuf Zakari


    I have problem with my date of birth
    In jamb it was 31 years but in my Waec it was 27 and I was mobilized this year can i correct to enable me to print Call Up letter

    • Yes, you can apply for change of date of birth through your NYSC dashboard

  18. Adeyemi


    Plz what about the respond you get is your institution has not submitted the hard copy it doesn’t say if you are in stream 2 or not so it mean that you will still be in stream 2 ?

    • You will be in Stream 1 if your institution submit before the end of this month

      • Muktar Adamu Muhammad


        College of education azare, Affiliated University of Maiduguri

      • Amos sonola


        Please sir, how true is the news about the stream 2? For some of us that hasn’t been mobilised yet. Will there truly be stream 2 or we should await Batch B?? Thank you!

        • NYSC said there would be Stream 2, so let’s believe.

  19. Josh


    Please can I do remobilization at the moment?

  20. Agbo Julius


    After confirmation of my gmail, and I opened the link sent to my gmail. I saw, no detail found. What should be the issue.

    • This could be server problem, keep trying or use another email

  21. Tobi


    pls what if I registered with stream 1 and I printed my call up letter but unfortunately I did not show up during orientation camp cos I was seriously sick.. what should I do?

  22. Adeleye Peter


    Can stream 2 do registration immediately the school uploads the Senate list or submit the hardcopy?

  23. okezika


    please o I am a FUTO student. I am seeing no details found during online registration. does it mean that FUTO have not uploaded her list

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