Why you should accept N50k job offer after your NYSC

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria increases every year as thousands of new graduates are being produced yearly by government accredited Institutions across the country. The unemployment struggle is not a tale, it is real in Nigeria. Despite the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, some graduates still reject jobs that offer to pay below their expectations. In this post, I’ll be showing you why you should accept N50k job offer after your NYSC (National Youth Service Corps).

I believe by the time you are through reading this post, your eyes will be opened to see why you should accept N50k job offer after your NYSC.

There’s no doubt that the end of NYSC programme is the beginning of graduates’ struggle to get a job in Nigeria. In Nigeria the value of education is underscored by the high rate of unemployment in the country.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the youth unemployment rate in Nigeria increased in the third quarter of 2017 to 33.10%. This percentage represents the highest ever in the country.

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Despite this figure, Nigerian tertiary institutions produce thousands of graduates yearly. NYSC absorbs some of these graduates for one year of National Service, and then releases them to labour market.

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When these young graduates enter into the labour market, they feel the hash reality of unemployment.

While some are lucky to get jobs immediately after their National service, many others have no choice but to wait for job offer but while waiting another thousands of graduates churned out from tertiary institutions will join them.

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One thing you should try to avoid is to return home to your parents for feeding after you have completed your National Youth Service. Don’t let your certificate and the skills you’ve acquired over the years prompt you to reject a job because the salary is not high.

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For example, do not because you are a graduate reject a job that promises to pay you N50,000 or less, because some companies pay up to N150,000 or above to their entry level staff.

But if you check very well, you will see that most of the companies that pay N150,000 and above require years of experience from job applicants.

There is nothing wrong to think an amount is too small for you as a fresher, but starting with N50,000 or less isn’t a bad idea considering the rising unemployment rate in the country.

If the company that offers you N50,000 is based in Lagos, you might think the pay is too small considering the house rent, transportation cost and other miscellaneous expenses.

However, that job could be the stepping stone you need to launch your career. You can gain years of working experiences needed to for high paying jobs. Work experience will be good enough to lauch you to greater height.

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As a fresher, your main target should not be the amount to be paid. Let your target be the working experience which will catapult to higher level; that is if you really know what you want.

Updated: June 21, 2019 — 1:20 pm

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