10 Apps And Websites For Children’s Nutrition

How can you teach your kids the value of eating well and developing healthy eating habits? It’s a concern that all parents have. It can be difficult to get your kids to eat—and enjoy—the foods that are good for them when there are so many options for junk food.

Fortunately, these apps, websites, and other tools for parents and kids can teach your children the importance of eating well and staying active as their bodies develop.

10 Apps And Websites For Children’s Nutrition

1. Wello

Wello is a free app that makes consuming healthier food entertaining for the entire family by gamifying improved nutrition for children.

Wello enables your entire family to maintain a customized dietary plan while tracking and recording their physical activity and eating habits. As an alternative, there are many excellent food journal applications. To receive prizes, perform interactive challenges along the Wello roadmap and read up on healthy eating in the Wellopedia area.

Wello wants to be a fun, family-friendly nutrition companion. It is advantageous for parents of overweight kids to encourage and assist them in making dietary and lifestyle changes.

2. Cookbook Junior

Cookbook applications can make it simple for your child to browse and discover recipes they’d like to attempt. There are many fantastic cookbook resources available for children. Cookbook Junior includes a selection of nutritious dishes from around the globe with straightforward, step-by-step directions that your child may use to prepare them (with parental supervision for some recipes).

You can add ingredients to a shopping list that you can share with others and download and print recipes for offline use. Although the app promises to include over two million recipes, access to them all requires a subscription. For healthy eating, you can also try these meal-planning apps.

3. Recipes for Kids

Another children’s cookbook is called Recipes for Kids. The recipe database features scrumptious and healthy dishes, and the interface is vibrant and interesting. You may download and print recipes, store favorites, and make shopping lists, just like Cookbook Junior.

This app is free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription to get rid of the annoying, ongoing ads. As an alternative, try these free apps for healthy cooking.

4. My Food: Nutrition for Kids

Children aged four and older can use the app My Food: Nutrition for Kids to discover the history of their food. It is exquisitely created with interactive visuals and is jam-packed with useful knowledge on food, nutrition, and how the human body’s digestive system functions. By investigating food on plates and making their own sandwiches, kids can learn how to have a balanced lunch. By completing a herb-growing task and documenting it with photos and audio recorded inside the app, students can even experiment with growing their own food.

Kids with little reading ability can use My Food because it is entirely narrated by children. Additionally, choosing a vegetarian option from the app’s settings is simple. Although you might anticipate receiving more challenges and chores from a premium app, My Food provides plenty of content to keep your kids interested.

5. Color Quest AR

With the augmented reality software Color Quest from Stayhealthy, your kids can color healthy vegetables and see them come to life. They can document their works with photos that they can share with their pals. Fun details about the characters are included with each photograph.

Your children are continuously learning about diet and health. To become a Magic Health Master, they can play extra games, earn badges, and unlock characters. With AR features to set it apart from the competition, this game offers your kids a fun, free challenge. Check with your healthcare provider to see if you qualify for free Color Quest Premium access before subscribing to the premium service.

6. SuperKids Nutrition

The website SuperKids Nutrition is crammed with recipes and nutritional advice for you and your kid. It’s simple for you to locate age-appropriate information and recipes for your child thanks to SuperKids, a website developed by pediatric dietitian Melissa Halas. Discover entertaining games and SuperKids coloring pages to aid with your kids’ nutritional education.

7. Disney Healthy Living

For entertaining activities, films, and recipes for families, visit the Disney Healthy Living website. Your kids will enjoy preparing nutritious meals thanks to dishes based on their favorite Disney films, such as Simba Spaghetti from The Lion King and X-Wing Hot Wings from Star Wars: Get Galactive. For more information on how to prepare healthy snacks, they can also watch a variety of Be Your Best Snackdown videos.

Then, you can download the supplemental Nutrition Check sheets to learn more about the nutrients contained in your own creations or to teach your children about them.

8. Grow Garden

Growing veggies responsibly and introducing kids to organic gardening is easy with the help of Grow Garden. In the Grow Garden, kids sow seeds, water their plants, observe the vegetables’ growth, and learn how the weather influences them.

They gather the leftover food scraps for composting, harvest their crops when the season is right, and feed the animals. This enables them to add nutrient-rich soil to their Grow Garden. In a straightforward, fun game appropriate for young learners, your kids learn about the environment while collecting incentives and badges along the way.

9. Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive offers a ton more freebies, including tracking sheets for anything from food groups to food safety. Each activity sheet lists the age range and US grade level for which it was created, and they are all absolutely free and limitless. At Osmo, you can also find fantastic food charts for children.

10. The Human Body by Tinybop

Your youngster must comprehend how the human body functions in order to teach them the importance of proper diet. The Human Body app from Tinybop is also the best resource for learning about the human digestive system.

An interactive app called The Human Body lets you play and interact with a model of the human body that lets you observe everything that happens inside of us. Children may click to investigate and discover how we digest food, along with lots of farts and burps! Beautifully designed and a great example of a contemporary educational software is The Human Body.


You have a ton of tools at your disposal thanks to these apps and online sites to encourage your kids to learn about the origins of their food, what they should eat to stay healthy, how their body processes food, and even what they can make for dinner today! These are just a few of the many wonderful methods that you may assist your children in acquiring a positive attitude about food for life.

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