10 Great YouTube Music Alternatives For Android And iPhones

You’re probably familiar with Google Play Music, the company’s premier music player, if you’ve ever had an Android phone. The app, however, is no longer available, having been replaced by YouTube Music in May 2020.

YouTube Music is a slick music streaming software that lets you search for and play music by genre, musician, and even recommendations. However, YouTube Music is not for everyone. We’ll take a look at the top ten YouTube music alternatives in this article.

1. Napster

On Napster, you can listen to all of your favorite songs, create your own playlists, and even download tracks to listen to offline. Napster also allows you to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them online as an bonus. If you purchase a membership, the ads will be deleted. Only iPhone users will be able to use the software.

2. SONGily

This app gives access to a wide selection of music from well-known and unknown vocalists from the past and present. You can relax while listening to and downloading music. You can also download videos. Only Android users will be able to use this app.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud now has over 250 million tracks and new artists join every day, indicating that the site is only growing. Whatever genre you’re looking for, SoundCloud has it all. You can also listen to podcasts. If you upgrade to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+, you can download music and listen to songs offline.

4. Tidal

Tidal Jay-streaming High-resolution sound, MQA files, Sony 360 audio, and high-quality playlists are all available on Z’s platform. Tidal, on the other hand, is less well-known than the previous two applications. A 30-day free trial is provided, as well as two membership options: Premium and HiFi.

5. Qobuz

Qobuz is a new streaming service, similar to TIDAL. The app contains a big music library with high-quality music to listen to. Customers can also purchase songs to download and listen to offline through Qobuz. Other features include hundreds of thousands of minor information about various bands, tales and interviews, and various playlists.

6. Deezer

Deezer is a well-known platform. You may create custom playlists and listen to podcasts, as well as find radio stations and an infinite number of audio channels. To listen to music without commercials and to download tracks to listen to later, upgrade to Deezer Premium.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a fantastic alternative to YouTube Music. Amazon Music not only allows you to listen to all of your favorite songs and radio stations, but it also integrates with the majority of Amazon’s smart home products. This site is free to use, however for those who want more capabilities, there is a subscription plan available.

8. Audiomack

Audiomack is a music subscription service with over 50 million tracks in its library. The software allows you to listen to new music, make playlists, and download songs for unlimited offline listening.

You may also use the app to listen to podcasts and play MP3s stored on your device.

9. Apple Music

Apple Music is the default music app on iOS devices. Apple Music features a wide catalog of songs from all over the world, and the interface is user-friendly. You may use the app to listen to your favorite artists’ music and download their songs or albums to play on your iPhone while you’re not connected to the internet.

All the tracks are ad-free, and the membership bundle is reasonably priced. As a new subscriber, you get a three-month trial period before your subscription begins.

10. Spotify

In terms of popularity, Spotify Music is on par with Apple Music. This app is available for Android and iPhone users. With this software, you can simply search for any song anywhere in the globe and create any playlist you want. Furthermore, Spotify offers daily recommendations and pre-made playlists to help you get your day started.

Spotify Premium gives you the ability to download and listen to music without being interrupted by commercials.


There are a plethora of music streaming services to choose from, many more than YouTube Music. As excellent alternatives, any of them will suffice. Simply search for the software you want to download in the Google Play or Apple Store search boxes.

Source: Nyscinfo

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