List of 10 Legitimate Investment Companies in Nigeria

10 Legitimate Investment Companies – It’s possible that investing will be difficult. It’s sometimes related with putting in extra effort to avoid hitting rock bottom. However, there are businesses committed to making the process easier for you. We’ve compiled a list of these Nigerian investing firms in no particular order.

What is the definition of an investor?

An investor is a person, company, or institution who invests money in the hopes of making a profit (profit). Such a person works with a set amount of money, which is usually invested in a business or plan with the goal of making money in the long run. Basically, investors usually have financial objectives that the company must meet.

10 Legitimate Investment Companies in Nigeria

Below is the list of 10 legitimate investment companies in Nigeria

1. FBN Capital Limited

What makes FBN [First Bank of Nigeria] so special? Its extensive domination in the investment market industry is capital. As a result, it is more than merely one of Nigeria’s biggest investment firms. Its services are available throughout Africa.

FBN Capital, FBN Securities, FBN Asset Management, FBN Trustees, FBN Capital Partners, and FBN Funds Limited are all part of the group.

2. United Capital

United Capital, like FBN Capital, is reshaping the African landscape. They work with both government and private sector organisations. Financial advising, capital markets, and banking solutions are all areas where the investment firm excels.

3. Zenith Capital

Zenith Capital, a subsidiary of Zenith Bank, uses cutting-edge technology to provide superior service. The investment firm has also been recognised for its global experience in the investing market. Government agencies, high-net-worth individuals, blue-chip corporations, private inquiry investors, and others are among Zenith Capital’s clientele.

4. CitiTrust Investment

This investment management firm focuses on stock brokerage while maintaining high levels of openness, professionalism, and ethics. CitiTrust Investment, on the other hand, offers securities trading, investment benefit management, and portfolio management services.

CitiTrust is a leading investment firm in Nigeria that caters to both individual and corporate clients.

5. AfrInvest Limited

AfrInvest focuses on investment banking, securities trading, asset management, and investment research, just like the former. Essentially, AfrInvest is a broker-dealer licenced by the Nigerian Securities Exchange Commission. In addition, the firm does research on both domestic and foreign capital market transactions.

6. Stanbic IBTC Asset Management

Stanbic IBTC is considered as one of the country’s most respected asset management and investment firms. They have shown to be a master of fund management as well as an industry authority in the worldwide and financial markets throughout the years.

Stanbic Asset Management was named “The Best Investment Management Company” by World Finance in 2013. This reaffirmed its reputation as one of the country’s leading investment firms.

7. Meristem Securities

Meristem Securities, formerly known as ‘Great Africa Securities Limited,’ is a Nigerian stock exchange and securities exchange commission listed company. In the investment management industry, they are known as dealers and brokers. Meristem Capital Limited declared a N3.3 billion share capital in 2014.

8. Financial Investment Services

In 2008, Investment One was established. The firm specialises in asset management and securities brokerage and is a subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank. Wealth Management and Trust, Mutual Funds, Pensions, and Real Estate are just a few of the services offered by Financial Investment Services. Securities brokerage, private equity, and investment banking

9. Forthright Securities & Investment Limited

Forthright Securities, founded in 1995, is one of the country’s largest stock brokerage firms. Investment advisory, fund management, stock broking, financial education, and portfolio management are some of the services given by the investment firm.

10. Peninsula Asset Management

Peninsula Asset Management is a venerable name in the investment world. Peninsula Asset Management has also been in business for nearly a decade, having been founded in 1983. They cater to clients’ specific investing requirements.

The preceding list of investment businesses in Nigeria is based on widespread approval both locally and internationally.


There are a variety of investment options available from organisations that are operating well in the industry. Ideally, the purpose of this list is not to rank one company above another. As a result, if you’re considering consulting with one of these financial firms, you may quickly analyse your options.

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