10 Tips to Get Scholarship | Things you should do

If you don’t have enough money to pay for education, consider securing a scholarship.  Here we will give you guideline on how to get a scholarship online.

How to Get Scholarship

There are thousands of scholarship opportunities out there. All you need is to apply for scholarship, go through this article for guideline.

How to get scholarship online (guideline)

1. Starting early(before junior year)

Don’t wait to finish junior year before applying, getting a head start gives you a lot of advantages and awareness. Many scholarships have less funds. That means the earlier you apply, the more likely you will be rewarded before the budget runs out.

2. Use a scholarship matching tool

Gone are the days of paper applications in the guidance office. Now, you can quickly search through large databases of thousands of available scholarships online. You can find the ones that matches your qualifications, experiences, background, or unique interest.

3. Lean on your advisor

The high school counsellor or college Advisor is a great sounding board getting the right scholarships. While you may not be applying in their office, they can help you to choose the scholarship that is suitable for you.

4. Taps into your network

Tell your employer, friends and members of your community that you are looking for Scholarships. Ask your parents check with the human resource department in there work place if there is scholarship opportunities for the members of staff family.

5. Polish your online presence

Make your social media page look professional, and only make mature posts. This is because some colleges check your social media profile to know the kind of person you are. If you are the type that post useless things on social media, make your page private, but you should know that there are still ways for colleges to see what you post.

6. Look beyond your grades

You must not have an excellent grade before you can qualify for scholarships. In fact some scholarships don’t even take grades into account. Aside from your GPA, Its Important to find away to stand out from the crowd on your Application.

7. Collect letters of recommendation

Scholarship application usually requires a few letter of recommendation from teachers and community members who know you very well.

8. Applying for many Scholarship

To limit yourself to one scholarship, you can apply as many as you can. Earning enough scholarship money to pay for college can come from different sources. So you need to apply for lots of scholarship to cover all your bills.

9. Writing a great essay

Many Student shy away from scholarship that require essays. However, a well written essay can be ticket to standing out of the crowd. So write and publish many assays as possible.

10. Practice your interview skills

Some scholarship may require interviewing the applicants, so take out time to practice answering questions about your background interest, achievements and aspiration.

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