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Are you interested in pursuing a career in journalism or you are already studying Mass Communication, aiming to find your way up the ladder of journalism practice? Have you been looking for scholarship opportunities in journalism and media studies? If this describes you, then this article is for you. In this post, we will point you to numerous scholarship opportunities that you can take advantage of,  to take your education to your desired level.

Journalism reports troubling information on a variety of topics. It takes a keen sense of news to succeed as a journalist. This suggests that you ought to be able to recognize and set noteworthy stories apart from others. Furthermore, information is necessary for everyone. Students interested in reporting and investigative journalism can major in media and journalism.

List Of Scholarship Opportunities In The Journalism And Media Field

Your speaking, reading, and writing abilities will all increase significantly and become more apparent if you major in journalism and communications. To help you achieve that, here is a list of scholarship opportunities in the field of journalism and media studies:

1. The World Bank

The world Bank provides scholarship opportunities to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in journalism, with the aim of enhancing knowledge sharing and capacity building in developing nations. Approximately 6,000 professionals and scholars have been financed by the scholarship program thus far. They provide a variety of scholarship opportunities.

Follow This To Apply: http://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/scholarships

2. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

For international students wishing to pursue a career in journalism or any other discipline in the UK, there is the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship. It is available to students from Commonwealth nations and is geared toward students from poor nations. Additionally, the scholarship program has complete funding.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.acu.ac.uk/

3. Hungary Government (Stipendium Hungaricum) Scholarships

You can apply for the Hungary Government Scholarships (Stipendium Hungaricum) if you are an international student who wishes to study a master’s degree in any topic, including journalism and other relevant courses in Hungary. One of the most prominent scholarships in Europe, it is supported by the Hungarian government. Among the advantages of receiving this scholarship are:

  • Exemption from tuition fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Living expenses
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Medical insurance and so on.

Follow This To Apply: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/

4. Aziz Foundation Scholarship, UK

The program is designed to encourage Muslim students who are driven to improve their communities and further their careers. The whole cost of postgraduate education is covered by the scholarship advantages. If you are an international student wishing to attend the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom and pursue a career in media and journalism, you are eligible to apply for the Aziz Foundation scholarship.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.azizfoundation.org.uk/scholarships-application/

5. Cambridge PhD Scholarships And Awards

If you are an overseas student wishing to pursue a postdoctoral degree in journalism, you can apply to apply for the Cambridge Ph.D. Scholarships and Awards at Cambridge University. Applications are accepted from citizens of nations other than the UK and Ireland. Both completely and partially subsidized options are provided by the school.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.ch.cam.ac.uk/pgapp/phd-funding

6. Orange Knowledge Programme Netherlands

If you are interested in completing short courses or pursuing a master’s degree in journalism as an international student, you should apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme in the Netherlands. The program’s goal is to create mid-career young professionals who are eager to grow in their ability and knowledge and who can use problem-solving to reproduce it in their community. The scholarship covers all of your costs—including tuition, living expenses, travel, and visa fees. It is fully supported.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.studyinnl.org/finances/orange-knowledge-programme

7. Hammarskjöld Fellowships For Developing Countries

Students can apply for the Hammarskjöld Fellowships For Developing Countries if they want to pursue a career in journalism in the United States. The fellowship is open to international students from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. The beneficiaries will be able to attend conferences, ask questions of government and U.N. officials, and have insight into the workings of the UN bodies.

Follow This To Apply: https://yemen.un.org/

8. University Of Kent Global Welcome Scholarship

Foreign students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in journalism are eligible to apply for the University of Kent Global Welcome Scholarship. Only those who fulfill the necessary requirements will be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship has a total value of £2,500.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.kent.ac.uk/international/international-scholarships

9. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship

Students who wish to pursue master’s degrees in social sciences, history, journalism, or socioeconomics at accredited German universities are eligible to apply for the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship. The following is covered under the scholarship:

The master’s program costs at a German public university

Accommodation fees

Basic living costs

Travel expenses

Health insurance

Follow This To Apply: https://www.kas.de/

10. Vogue Australia Scholarship

Vogue Australia Scholarship was designed for students who are interested in journalism, visual communication, visual communication design, marketing communication, film production, film studies, and other media-related subjects. Vogue Australia is the only sponsor of the scholarship at Billy Blue College of Design and a well-known fashion company in Australia. In addition to being partially supported, the scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to receive mentorship from eminent industry experts who work with Vogue Australia.

Follow This To Apply: https://www.torrens.edu.au/

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