15 High-Paying Jobs For Immigrants In Canada

Canada remains the world’s most migrated country, with plenty of opportunities for immigrants. As a result, if you’re seeking for the top jobs in Canada for immigrants, you’ll find many of them here.

There are various reasons why a person may desire to migrate and begin working in Canada, including the fact that Canada provides individuals with the opportunity to achieve their dreams by traveling from underdeveloped countries to more developed countries to work and live their dreams.

In this article, we have investigated and compiled some of the greatest occupations in Canada for immigrants, and these jobs are among the most common jobs available in Canada.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a guide to the jobs you should be looking for when applying for any job opportunity in Canada, as applying for jobs in the categories listed below increases your chances of being offered the opportunity to migrate to Canada via Express Entry for skilled workers.

Having any of these jobs in Canada for immigrants ready for you will boost your chances of being invited to move to Canada because Canada prefers skilled employees to migrate to the country more than any other group of people.

All you have to do is read this article all the way through to the conclusion to discover Express entrance to Canada as a skilled worker and the finest jobs that will boost your chances of being awarded an immigration visa to Canada.

Do I Need A Job To Immigrate To Canada?

This article discusses the top occupations in Canada for immigrants, however the question here is whether you need a job to immigrate to Canada. The answer is a resounding NO, however the truth is that if you have a job lined up in Canada, your immigration to Canada will be much easier.

Individuals who wish to migrate to Canada are evaluated based on points, and having any of these jobs for immigrants waiting for you in Canada provides you with a good amount of points, increasing your chances of being offered the opportunity to migrate to Canada.

Your education, employment experience, age, understanding of English or French, and a few other factors all contribute to your point total.

According to statistics, 57% of Canadian immigrants acquired entry on the basis of being skilled workers or business-class immigrants.

Others come to Canada after being invited by families who already live there or as refugees.

In general, Canada takes more immigrants per capita than any other developed country, with over 300,000 arriving each year.

Is It Possible To Expedite My Immigration If I Am A Skilled Worker?

As a qualified worker, you can expedite your immigration to Canada, which is why you should explore some of these professions in Canada for immigrants.

Express entry, Canada’s immigration program for qualified workers, allows you to complete your immigration process in 6 months or fewer.

Remember that before you fill out the form and apply for Express entry, you must first ensure that you are entitled to do so through any of the government programs for skilled workers stated.

If, after checking, you find that you are eligible, you can proceed to build and finish your profile, including paying the necessary costs.

As previously said, Express Entry for skilled employees is one of the simplest ways to migrate to Canada.

You should also keep in mind that you must complete the language exam as well as upload your education and experience credentials in order for them to be accessed.

After completing this process, you will be added to the list of people who are awaiting Express entrance.

Being in this position does not imply that you must become a permanent resident of Canada, as this is based on an Express entrance score, which is calculated based on a number of factors, and the higher your score, the more likely you are to be invited to become a permanent resident of Canada.

At this time, you should begin looking for some of the greatest jobs in Canada for immigrants on the Canada official employment portal, or the job bank. This will improve your Express entry score as well.

What Exactly Is A Canadian Work Permit?

Before you begin your search for the top jobs in Canada for immigrants, you should understand what a work permit is.

If you are not a Canadian citizen by birth and are coming from a foreign country, you will need a Canadian work permit to work in Canada. In some cases, you may be able to work in Canada without a work permit, but it is preferable to obtain one in order to legally work in Canada as a foreign national.

Canada is currently regarded as one of the leading phrases in economics, and we have long known Canada to be a country that makes it easier for immigrants who wish to work overseas to relocate to the country than most developed countries.

As a businessperson, temporary worker, student, or permanent worker who want to work in Canada, you must obtain a Canadian work permit and ensure that there is a job offer waiting for you before applying.

General Work Permit Requirements In Canada

Before you begin looking for the top jobs in Canada for immigrants, review the general eligibility requirements for a work permit in Canada.

  • Provide documentation to an agent that you intend to leave Canada after your work visa expires.
  • Have proof that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family while in Canada.
  • You must not have a criminal record and must show a police clearance certificate as proof.
  • They do not endanger Canada’s security.
  • You must be in excellent health and get a medical examination if necessary.
  • You do not intend to work for an employer who has been designated ineligible by the government because they do not meet specific criteria.
  • You have no intention of working for a company that provides exotic dancing, escort, striptease, or erotic massages.
  • You must be prepared to give any documentation requested by officials in order to gain admission into Canada.

Best Immigrant Jobs in Canada

Below are some of the Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants that you may look into to get yourself ready to relocate to Canada. This list was produced to demonstrate some of the sought-after positions that immigrants in Canada can easily apply for in Canada or from their home country prior to immigration.

These occupations can also boost your chances of being awarded an immigrant visa, as Canada is more likely to grant you a visa fast if you have a job waiting for you.

1. Licensed Nurse

When it comes to the most needed jobs in Canada, nursing may be at the top of the list. There are two primary causes for the increased need for nurses. The first is that the baby boomer generation is approaching retirement age.

As a result, an increasing number of nurses of this generation are projected to retire soon. This is one of the finest occupations for immigrants in Canada.

2. Medical technology

The growing use of technology in medicine has created a demand for personnel with computer literacy as well as experience in the healthcare industry.

Electronic health records, electronic exam records, and other newer technologies are becoming more prevalent, creating a greater demand for knowledge and information about them.

3. Dentists

In Canada, dentists are in high demand. To work in a medical setting as an immigrant to Canada, you must obtain a college degree from an accredited dentistry school.

It may also require approval from a provincial or territorial authority. Moving to a more advanced dental office necessitates additional planning. A dentist’s median annual compensation is around $77,000.

4. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists are among the greatest careers for immigrants in Canada. They make a lot of money in places like Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

Respiratory therapists often treat patients with respiratory issues, such as those caused by lung illness.

They are also referred to as patient care managers. Your income as a respiratory therapist with 5+ years of experience will range from $44,769 to $87,897.

5. Business Analyst

This is one of the finest occupations for immigrants in Canada. Business analysts are always looking for methods to make a company work more smoothly and efficiently. This demonstrates that, depending on the position, a wide range of technical abilities and financial acumen are required.

Larger organizations, on the other hand, may employ many analysts in various business areas, with pay ranging from $73,000 to $87,000.

6. Medical Sonographer

It’s one of the trendiest jobs in Canada for any immigrant. An ultrasound technician and a diagnostic medical ultrasonography instructor are both part of this profession.

The hourly wage for a sonographer in Alberta is around $44.81. Ultrasound technologists earn the least in Ontario, where the median hourly wage is $32.00. To get work, most employers may require registration with the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Sonographers.

7. Land Surveyor

Surveying engineers are predicted to be in high demand in the future.

Your role as a surveyor is to determine the positions of points on the ground or in three dimensions, as well as the distances and angles between them.

Surveyor employment are currently available across Canada, with a range of places accessible depending on where you live. Take note that the income ranges from $38,185 to $108,065.

8. Accountant

This is one of the highest-paying careers available in Canada. Indeed, it is the second most sought-after career in Canada for immigrants and foreigners.

As you are aware, record-keeping is something that every organization, large or little, is concerned about. Accountants and auditors earn between $63,000 and $75,000 a year, according to Payscale.

9. Welder

Welding is another profession that you may learn and one of the well-paying occupations in Canada for immigrants if you have the necessary qualifications. It is in the assembly and construction industry.

What makes this career unique is that substantial training is required before you can earn a lot of money. A welder in Canada earns about $2,402.

10. Audiologists

This is one of the most rewarding careers in Canada. It is available throughout most of Canada and allows for promotion to higher levels.

However, as an audiologist, you will be responsible for diagnosing, testing, and treating hearing, speech, language, and voice issues. The salary is often substantial, ranging from $48,936 to $98,278.

11. Engineering Project Manager

Working as an engineering project manager is one of the greatest occupations in Canada for newcomers, particularly in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The employment also comes with a great compensation and numerous opportunities. This job criteria is now in demand in the country’s public and private sectors. And it’s worth noting that they pay handsomely.

This means that as a project manager, you may earn between $74,000 and $ 92,000 per month.

12. Software Engineer

If you are proficient at programming, you will have a much easier time finding work as a software developer. It is one of the most popular occupations for both Canadians and foreign immigrants. Remember that a software developer might earn between $83,000 and $99,000 per year.

13. Sales Associate

It’s one of the finest paying jobs in Canada for immigrants. This is the greatest profession for you if you have strong communication and persuasion skills. A good sales representative can make a significant difference in a firm.

With over 8,500 bank sales representative roles available in Canada, you are in high demand. A sales rep’s pay ranges from $52,000 to $64,000, according to PayScale.

14. Truck Driver

Truckers are vital to Canada’s economy, but there may not be enough young folks entering the field to cover the retirement gap. In 2014, the average age of truck drivers was about 47 years.

As a result, approximately half of truck drivers are between the ages of 47 and 65. This suggests that a significant number of employees will retire over the following decade.

Essentially, truck driving is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. From 2018 through 2028, the province is expected to fill around 9,170 truck driver posts. And it is only a province. Truckers earn an average hourly income of $21.

15. Electrical Engineers

This is one of the best professions in Canada for immigrants, and it is critical. Particularly in the industrial sector, electricians are in high demand. It is estimated that there may have been up to 2,300 vacancies in industrial electronics between 2015 and 2024 due to a skills shortage.

This is due to a combination of people retiring, accepting promotions, and moving on to new endeavors.

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