15 Most Popular Art Galleries In Ibadan

Visiting art galleries will undoubtedly improve your appreciation of art. Exploring an art exhibition can provide a peaceful peek into the actual soul of art. We’ve got you covered if you’re unsure which art show to visit in Nigeria. Let’s have a look at a few of the top art galleries in Ibadan, Oyo State.

What Exactly Is An Art Gallery?

An art gallery is just a location where people can view artwork. An art gallery is also a place or structure where all sorts of visual art are shown. Aesthetic enjoyment, cultural enrichment, and marketing are among functions that art galleries offer. Art galleries promote cultural learning, preservation, and restoration through the presentation of art.

The majority of art galleries in Oyo state are open to the public and make money through selling artwork. You’ll also come across some private ones.

List Of Art Galleries in Ibadan

Ibadan is a historically significant city with a rich cultural heritage. As a result, it’s no surprise that Ibadan is home to numerous art galleries. A list of notable art galleries in Ibadan, together with their addresses, is provided below.

1. African Art Gallery

Price Right Now Among other things, the African Art Gallery in Ibadan is noted for its exquisite art and design, museum decorations, arts and crafts, art supplies, art decorations, and art painting works.

Number 67, Adelaja Street, Mokola, Oyo State, Nigeria is their address in the city. They can be reached at 0813 841 0650.

2. Olaijo Arts World & Gallery

Olaijo Arts World & Gallery was formed to use the medium of art to highlight and promote current and African heritages, cultural values, and customs.

This art gallery can be found at 9 Odekunle Street in Agbowo, Oyo State, Nigeria. They may be reached at 0813 325 5590.

3. Oct Kelex African Art Gallery

OCT Kelex African Art Gallery is a gallery in Ibadan that focuses on showcasing socio-cultural activities, drawings and paintings, as well as African photography and sculptures.

Number 51, Powa Shopping Complex, Iyaganku, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The phone number to call is 0803 780 5710.

4. Ololade African Arts Gallery

Ololade African Arts Gallery is a charming African-themed art gallery with stunning paintings, wood and pencil works, artwork on frames, paintings, murals, and pictures. They also have clay, concrete, metal, and plastic sculpture pieces.

Harold Complex, Suite A9, Awolowo Junction, Bodija, Oyo State, Nigeria is the address for the Ololade African Arts Gallery. They may be reached at 0909 017 4783 or 0816 899 4429.

5. Ade-Dag African Art Gallery

Ade-Dag African Art Gallery in Lagos is primarily an African art gallery that focuses on displaying stunning wood carvings. Ade-Dag African Art Gallery has a variety of other wonderful paintings.

0703 275 2601 Address: GRA Iyaganku, lbadan, Oyo Nigeria, Shop 1, ICA Shopping Complex

6. Ighodalo Art Gallery

The Ighodalo Art Gallery specializes in wood carving and metal crafts. The collection features paintings, pencil drawings, interior and exterior decorators, Adire arts, beadwork, embroidery, weaving, and a variety of other art forms.

Plot 1, Jemibewon Road, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria is where they are located.

7. Seunmykart Gallery

Seunmykart Gallery was created out of a passion to create art. This art showroom is located in Maylancer I.T Ltd, Adetokun, Off Eruwa Road in Eleyele, Ibadan, Oyo. The phone number to call is +234 816 089 1854.

8. Topfat Art Gallery

Topfat Art Gallery specializes on art exhibitions as well as arts and gallery services that highlight African culture and ideas. The address for the art gallery is Suite 156, Lekan Salami Shop, Ping Complex, Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo. The number to call is 0802 308 0414.

9. Wole Soyinka Theatre

The Wole Soyinka Theatre is a Wole Soyinka-themed art exhibition facility. The Wole Soyinka Theatre is located in Ibadan. Art galleries are linked with the sophisticated theatre. Social Sciences Road is their Ibadan address.

10. North Campus Art Gallery

The North Campus Art Gallery is located in Ibadan. The Art Gallery houses paintings, pencil drawings, and other types of artwork. Ibadan’s North Campus Art Gallery is located on Wadie Martin Road, behind Fassa Building.

11. Marvelous Art Gallery

Marvelous Art Gallery specializes in portraits and art sculptures and is located in Ibadan, Nigeria. Their phone number is +234 703 155 1499, and their address is Near Aleshinloye Market, Dick Road, Jericho, Oyo State.

12. Kunlex Arts

Kunlex Arts in Ibadan provides top-notch artworks through art design, painting, and other gallery services. 4 Akintoba Street, Agbowo Junction Mukola, Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria.

13. Akewi Arts House

Akewi Arts House specializes in arts and crafts, as well as print and electronic publishing. If you wish to find this art gallery, go to Ifeolu Street in Alakia (near the New Airport), Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

African Continental Arts Gallery And Tourism

Another great art gallery in Ibadan is this one. Their phone number is +234 806 593 0754, and their address is 61, Adamasingba Shopping Complex in Dugbe, Ibadan, Nigeria.

14. The Twim Art Institute

The Twim Art Institute is noted for its beautiful art shows as well as a variety of other art show services. This art gallery is located in Ibadan, Nigeria, on Link Reservation Road, Onireke Quarters, behind Jericho Mall.

15. Elle’n’elle Arts Centre

Elle’n’elle is an intriguing art exhibition in Ibadan. The art gallery may be found at the following address: First Floor Elem Building on Akobo Road (Opposite IDC Primary School) Ibadan, Nigeria.


Art is a wonderful method to have a good impact on society. Art can take various forms, including the music we listen to, our home designs, our lifestyle choices, and much more. All of these things can be accomplished by visiting an art gallery.

It’s worth noting that the majority of art galleries do not charge admission. You can enjoy numerous aspects of life for free by walking around paintings.

Ibadan has a diverse selection of artistic options, including sculptures, paintings, metal works, and other forms of art materials. This article includes a listing of art galleries in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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