2022 NYFF Youth Leadership Debate Competition For Nigerian Students

Giving your voice confidence and using it as an effective weapon to transform Nigeria are the goals of the 2022 Youth Leadership Debates. The Youth Leadership Debate Competition aims to give selected young people in tertiary institutions the skills they need to be active citizens by helping them develop their capacity to critically evaluate information, advocate from a position of knowledge, and collectively shape their vision for Nigeria.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to young people in tertiary institutions across Nigeria;
  • Debate entries should be focused on the following thematic areas:
  • Employment and Education
  • Media, Sport and Entertainment
  • Health
  • Peace building and Security
  • ICT and Entrepreneurship
  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Civic participation


  • 1st prize: N1,500,000; a laptop for each member of the team + other benefits.
  • 2nd prize: N1,000,000; tablets for each member of the team + other benefits.
  • 3rd prize: N600,000; a phone for each member of the team + other benefits.

Tips For Parliamentary Debate Format

  • The debate format used in parliament differs significantly from the standard format used in Nigerian debates.
  • To persuade the judges of the merits of your stance, thorough study is needed.
  • In the Parliamentary form of debating, the opening salutations that are common in the traditional style are deleted. Debaters are expected to make an introduction before continuing with their motion.
  • Debaters have the option to submit a Point of Information (POI) to refute or clarify a claim made by an opponent.
  • Candidates are encouraged to speak in the entrance videos as though there will be a response from the other side.
  • Debating teams have the chance to submit their opening and closing arguments in the parliamentary format.

How To Apply

Go to Nigeria Youth Future Fund(NYFF) on nigeriayouthfund.org to apply

  • A team of 3 to 4 students from the same tertiary institution applies by sending in a video of not more than 5 mins with 2 debaters addressing any socioeconomic issue from the 7 thematic areas.
  • The video should be uploaded on any social media platform, and the link to the video should be provided on the application form.
  • Evidence, such as course forms, of each team member, enrolled in the institution would be required.

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