Npower Reacts To Nexit Training, CBN Loan Disbursement Question

Npower said that the applicants for Nexit can relax knowing that details about the second batch of Nexit Training and CBN loan disbursement will be provided soon. This was noted in a response sent by Npower to a candidate who tweeted a question.

Please maintain your composure as we will soon give an update regarding the Nexit Scheme. Npower reflected.


The federal government launched the Nexit Scheme for the expelled Npower volunteers in association with the Central Bank of Nigeria in order to provide the expelled Npower batches A and B with a business loan.

Out of the 370,000 Npower exited recipients who were reportedly interested when the CBN introduced the portal, 75.000 have so far completed Nexit training in preparation for CBN loan payment. While other applicants eagerly await the start of Nexit training for the second group.

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Updated: July 13, 2022 — 10:32 am

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