3 Things You Must Not Allow A POS Agent Do

Every street now has a point-of-sale (POS) center. You don’t need to go to the bank to conduct your daily transactions; instead, go to the POS center and conduct any transaction you like, but be cautious while withdrawing money from the POS agent. However, detecting fraudsters among POS agents is extremely difficult.

Every day, con artists come up with new ways to steal money from people’s bank accounts. They are now in the POS industry, obtaining information from clients’ ATM cards. They’ll start a tiny business, hire a salesgirl, and pay her a large salary for assisting them in obtaining customers’ ATM card information.

Because I’m a POS agent that welcomes fraudulent situations from my customers, I’m familiar with the strategies used by fraudsters. Allowing a POS agent to do these three things for you is not recommended for security reasons.

1. Do not let the POS agent enter your ATM PIN for you.

Some POS employees will request your ATM PIN in order to enter it for you. Please double-check that you entered your PIN on your own. The reason for this is that while some POS machines can save ATM card information, they cannot store your Pin. If the agent assisted you in entering your PIN, he can obtain it.

2. Do not enable the POS agent to withdraw money on your behalf using his Android phone.

Some POS agents may claim that their terminals aren’t connected to the internet and will withdraw money for you using their Android phones. Let me tell you something you don’t know about those internet platforms that POS agents use to withdraw money for consumers when their POS machines’ networks are down. The information from ATM cards is stored on these web platforms. If you enable an agent to withdraw money for you using his Android phone, your ATM card information will be saved on his phone. One day, criminals will just use your ATM card to make internet purchases. If his POS machine isn’t connected to the internet, take your ATM card and depart.

3. Never Allow a POS agent file a Dispense Error Complaint on your behalf

If you have a dispensing error while withdrawing money from a POS machine, I recommend going to the bank by yourself to file a complaint. A POS agent will ask for your card information so that they can file a complaint with your bank on your behalf. On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, he will send your bank account information to your bank. The money in your bank is no longer safe after his social media was hacked by hackers.


Have you ever been duped?

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