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How to Withdraw Money From PayPal Account In Nigeria


Many consumers have had trouble withdrawing money from PayPal, particularly when paid by large companies such as Fiverr, Upwork, or survey sites. Selling to an exchanger online is an alternative, but you will obtain a terrible rate, such as 300/$, 310/$, or even 330/$, and you may experience delays in receiving payment from the converter. […]

List of the 5 Best Free Music-Making Software

music-making software

Without paying for software, the finest free music-making software makes it simple and straightforward to record MIDI and audio tracks and apply production sound effects. In this article, we will show you the list of the best free music-making Software. Programs that aid in the composition of music can be prohibitively expensive, but they are […]

All Banks: How to Block Your Account If Your Phone is Stolen

Block Your Account

How to Block Your Account – It’s aggravating to lose or have your phone and wallet stolen, especially if your phone number is tied to your bank account. The first step is to freeze your bank account to prevent unauthorized individuals from withdrawing funds or gaining access to your bank account and personal information. As […]

How to Change Phone Number & Re-register SIM Card

register SIM Card

A Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM card, is a portable memory chip used by cell phones to store personal information such as cell phone numbers, your phone number, and other personal data. In this article, we will show you how to change phone number and re-register SIM card. The bulk of cellular service providers use […]

Kaduna Telecom Shutdown – How To Stay Connected

Do you reside in Kaduna State, where there is total telecom shutdown? If ‘yes’, then Smile network is the way out of Kaduna Telecom Shutdown for those whose businesses rely on telecommunications. For the past two weeks, most businesses aren’t functioning due to the shutdown of telecommunications networks in the State. The shutdown is actually […]

How to Create Flutterwave’s Virtual Dollar Card

Flutterwave's Virtual Dollar Card

Flutterwave’s Virtual Dollar Card – The difficulties of sending money out of Nigeria cannot be overstated, and certain CBN actions have exacerbated the problem by causing more problems than they have solved in terms of trans-border payment solutions. This clearly does not make any economic sense, and it is widely believed that it should be […]

5 Ways Fraudsters Use to Get Into Your Account: Beware


Every day, fraudsters use a variety of information to take money from people’s bank accounts, one of which is the Bank Verification Number (BVN). Who says scammers can’t withdraw money from your bank account using your BVN? It’s very doable, my brother, with additional details like your birthday and a one-time password. If you are […]

How to Register for a Skrill Account in Nigeria and Receive Money

Skrill Account in Nigeria

Skrill Account in Nigeria – Are you seeking for a way to use an online payment system to send money, shop online, or buy cryptocurrency? If you answered yes, Skrill, an online payment solution, has launched a payment system that allows users to pay online, send money, and receive money from associates, friends, and family […]

6 Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Business Owners

Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Best WhatsApp Alternatives – WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging programmes in the world, with over 1.9 billion users as of 2019 and 60 billion messages sent per day. Business owners can use WhatsApp to send text messages, photos, and video files, as well as make free audio and video conversations and […]

List of Phones That will No longer Work With WhatsApp

longer Work With WhatsApp

Every smartphone owner has been put on the edge by a recent announcement that one of the most used mobile messaging apps will be making some important changes in November 2021. Whatsapp, it has emerged, will be disconnecting some smartphones from their data base. In this article, we have listed the names and models of […]