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WhatsApp Premium Benefits and Features

WhatsApp Premium Benefits

WhatsApp Business, which was established in 2018 and is tailored to small enterprises, is getting a subscription plan called Whatsapp Premium, which offers a number of useful features. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Premium subscription plan. What is WhatsApp Premium, and how does it work? WhatsApp […]

Best iPhone Apps for Phone Data Tracking

Phone Data Tracking

If you’re unsatisfied with the built-in cellular data tracker or need a better tool, these third-party apps can help you monitor data usage in real time. 1. Lite Data Tracker Data Tracker Lite is a simple software that allows you to monitor your iPhone’s data usage over cellular and Wi-Fi networks. It’s simple to set […]

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone

Check Data Usage on iPhone

Where your data goes depends on how you use your iPhone. As cellphones become smarter, the amount of data they take from the Internet grows. Some apps on our phones, for example, consume a lot of data because they allow us to get instant updates on what our friends are up to no matter where […]

Complete List Of Wi-Fi Companies In Lagos & Addresses 2022

In Nigeria’s digital industry, there are undoubtedly a large number of internet service providers. Regardless of where you reside or how many devices you have, there is bound to be a broadband service that meets your demands. All of these online service providers, including MTN, Airtel, and Globacom, which dominate the country’s internet market, offer […]

How To Convert Voice Notes To Text On Whatsapp


On WhatsApp, voice notes and audio notes are commonly utilized for quick and easy communication. WhatsApp’s voice note function is a popular feature that allows the learned, lazy, and unlearned to communicate by recording messages. The audio note option has been present on WhatsApp for several years and has proven to be extremely useful for […]

How To Transcribe Audio In Google Docs (Follow Steps)

Transcribe Audio In Google Docs

Google Docs has the ability to transcribe audio, recognize user voice, and convert it to text. The intriguing part is that, with the help of a plugin, the resource can still be used with audio and video files from the computer, making transcription more easier, especially for communication professionals. So, here’s how to use Google […]

Android 13 Beta To Be Available TECNO CAMON 19 Pro 5G


Google officially announced Android 13 Beta 2, the next generation operating system, at Google I/O 2022, which took place from May 11 to 12. TECNO Mobile, a global leader in electronic technology, was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to participate in the Android 13 Beta Program. The CAMON 19 Pro (5G) will run on […]

How to Pair AirPods With iPhone

Pair AirPods With iPhone

We’ll look at how to pair AirPods with your iPhone in this post, as well as how to fix common AirPods connectivity issues if they don’t pair properly. Connecting your AirPods to your iPhone is a breeze. However, the earbuds will occasionally fail to connect. The popularity of AirPods is growing. Oriamo is without a […]

How To Clear Cache On Iphone

Clear Cache On Iphone

This post will show you several methods for clearing cache on your iPhone. Even while clearing cache isn’t something you’ll need on an iPhone very often, there are instances when an app stops working or your iPhone begins to slow down, and a cache clean can come in handy. It can also help you restore […]

How To Register And Login To First Bank Internet

First Bank Internet

The initial bank Internet banking is a type of online banking that allows you to conduct financial transactions without having to go to the bank. Anyone with a First bank account can log in to their account online using the First bank internet banking service. Online banking, e-banking, and virtual banking are all terms used […]