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What Android 9 & 10 Users Should Know About Their Phones

How to Remove Pre-installed Apps From Android and iPhone

As the speed of technological advancements continues to increase in mobile phones, many important and exciting features of these modern phones are almost going unnoticed by the original products. Incorporating technology advances has made phones more portable, lighter, speedy, and user-friendly. These features have improved the value and efficacy of the phones to the owners. […]

5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Phone Battery

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If you have had your phones’ battery damaged before, it is likely that you made one of these terribly mistakes. If you still have not known what the mistakes that damaged your battery was, then you are currently destroying your phone’s battery and you will still destroy more, except you read this article to the […]

4 Things To Do If Your Phone Cannot Switch ON

How to Remove Pre-installed Apps From Android and iPhone

Have you ever had to struggle to power on your smartphone after it abruptly switched off by itself without being successful at it? This can be very frustrating, especially now that most smartphones batteries are no longer removable like we used to have in the early days of smartphones. Just imagine how painful and frustrating […]

How To Withdraw From ATM Without ATM Card

How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Using ATM Card

Have you ever thought of withdrawing money from ATM without ATM card? Due to the incessant issue of long queues in the banks today, the use of ATM card for cash withdrawals has become a norm accepted by the general populace. Today, you will barely find people who do not walk around with their ATM […]

What To Do If You Send Money To A Wrong Bank Account

List of Banks Offering Loans Without Collateral In Nigeria

As human beings, we all make costly mistakes. Sometimes because of personal challenges that overwhelm us and some other times, because of the lack of enough attention to what we are doing at a given time. Irrespective of the cause, we have all made mistakes in the past and we will still make mistakes in […]

How To Increase Your Phone Android RAM

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A lot of phone users don’t know why their phones always hang abruptly, slow or even switch off whenever they want to start a game or even launch some apps. In some situations, the phone panel might become boiling to a point where you might feel the battery will explode. This happens for no reason […]

8 Wonderful Phone Secrets You Should Know

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Our mobile phones look small and simple, but in their smallness and simple looks lie sophisticating secrets that only a few know about. These secrets made mobile phone operation very easy for those who know them and have mastered the application of them. Life becomes very simple when you have a mobile phone with you. […]

GLO Cafe Mobile App – What you must know

GLO Cafe Mobile App

The GLO Cafe App is a unique application built by the GLO network to enable its users to manage their mobile account easily, without facing stress of the unknown. The app is readily available on Google play store, Apple app store, and other websites. Technology is really making things easier unlike previous century, and most […]

How To Lock Your GTB ATM Card Against Machine & POS Withdrawal

How to Block your Stolen ATM Card

Are you aware that you can activate a security protection on your ATM card? With the protection active on your ATM card, nobody will use it for withdrawal on the POS until you allow the card for such transaction. If you want to protect your ATM card from unauthorized use by a third-party, then this […]

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers In Nigeria 

How to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

One of the greatest challenges that users of Facebook face daily is the threat of hackers. Every day, unsuspecting people lose the accounts they have held for many years to hackers who broke into the account and forcefully take control of the accounts by changing the password and other important information on the account. Once […]