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How To Print  NIMC Slip Online |

How to Use NIMC Mobile App To Print Improved NIN Slip

The National Identity Card Management Commission (NIMC) has encouraged Nigerians who registered for National Identity Card to make use of the NIMC Mobile App to print their National ID Card. Here we will show you guideline on how to print NIMC slip online. Also check out how to register for National ID Card Online (NIMC […]

How To Get Back Your Money After Online Scam

How To Get Back Your Money After Online Scam

Due to the increasing rate of online scams, anyone can be a victim. In this post, we shall look at tips on how to get back your money after online scam. This is a bad news to all the online scammers in Nigeria, and a win to you. Check out 10 Things You Should Never Search […]

Zoom Mobile App – What you must know

Zoom Mobile App

Zoom which is a well known application, has become a powerful communication tool for transactions, especially from the evolvement of Covid19 pandemic. A lot of persons now prefer using Zoom to organize virtual meetings, trainings, and conference. Check out FirstBank Mobile App. As at current, Zoom is the number one tool for modern business virtual […]

Tips To Protect Your Facebook Account From Petty Hackers

How to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

Never use your ‘Phone Number’ or ‘Name’ as your FB Password. If you receive a call from someone to call-out a code that was sent to you via SMS or email, just know you are dealing with a hacker who’s looking for your account RESET CODE. Be wary of phishing websites. A phishing website looks […]

How to convert your CV from Microsoft Word to PDF

How to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF

Converting your CV from Microsoft to Potable Document Format (PDF) is paramount as most employers prefer reading from PDF to other document format. This post provides guide on how to convert your CV from Microsoft word to PDF. Check out How to Write a Good CV for Fresh Graduates (with sample). If you are searching […]

How To Correct Your Name On National Identity Card

How to Get your National ID Card through NIMC Mobile App

The accuracy of names and other personal details on a document like the National Identity Card is paramount, and hence, opportunity to make modifications is always giving to people. Recently, a lot of people have been asking us questions regarding the modification of details on national identity card. Some of the questions are: “How do […]

10 Things You Should Never Search On Google

Things You Should Never Search On Google

Google is a web search engine developed by Google LLC. This search engine is used by many people to find information related to their search contents. In this article, we will show you ten (10) things you should never search on Google. Please, pay serious attention to number ten on the list. The reason many […]

How to Borrow Money from Airtel in 2021

How to Borrow Money from Airtel

Imagine having a very important call to make, either to a contact who would give you a link to an opportunity you have been on a look out for a long time. Or you are stranded somewhere with no means to get out except you have to call someone close by to get you out […]

Difference between Credit Card and Debit Card

How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Using ATM Card

Have you ever been confused about the difference between Credit Card and Debit Card or mistook Debit Card for Credit Card? Well, this post would enlighten you on the difference between these two banking cards. Also check out How to Block your Stolen ATM Card Instantly (Dial this USSD code). First, we will begin by […]

How to Check if your Plastic National ID Card Is Ready

How to Get your National ID Card through NIMC Mobile App

Did you enrol for National Identity Card? If ‘yes’, it’s possible that your plastic identity card is ready for collection but you don’t know. There is actually a way you can check if your National ID card is ready for pick up without going to NIMC office. Here we will guide you on how to […]