Difference Between Email and Gmail (Clear Explanation)

Many people often find themselves confused between E-mail and G-mail. In this post, we will provide a clear and detailed explanation of the differences between email and Gmail. If you’re one of those individuals who frequently mix up the two, this post aims to bring clarity. Let’s begin by defining these two forms of communication.

Difference Between Email and Gmail

What is E-mail?

‘E’ stands for Electronic, while ‘MAIL’ represents messages sent or delivered by means of a postal system. Therefore, Email signifies messages sent or delivered via electronic means from one computer user to another through the network (internet). Please take note of this definition as you continue reading. See the difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng, B.Tech degree certificates.

What is Gmail?

Gmail stands for Google Mail, representing an email service owned by Google. It’s important to note that Gmail is an email service under the ownership of Google.

Now, let’s explore the difference between the two.

Difference between Email and Gmail

After understanding the definitions of email and Gmail, let’s delve into the distinctions between the two.

Asking someone “What is the difference between Email and Gmail?” is akin to asking about the variance between a “University” and the “University of Nigeria Nsukka.”

Essentially, the disparity lies in the fact that Email serves as a general term for sending electronic messages through the network, i.e., the internet. On the other hand, Gmail is an email service provider specifically owned by Google.

So, Email is the overarching term for electronic mail, while Gmail is a particular email service owned by Google.

Similar to how we have Gmail (@gmail.com), other email service providers include Yahoo Mail (@yahoo.com), Hotmail (@hotmail.com), and so forth. (See how to get back your money after being scammed online.)

For instance, if I were providing an email service, I could name it after my name, HumpheryMail (@hmail.com). Similarly, if your name is Buhari and you’re offering an email service, you could name your platform BuhariMail (@bmail.com), and so on.

Individuals and organizations may even have customized email addresses like (@nysc.gov.ng) or (@cbn.gov.ng), etc.

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