Difference Between Email and Gmail (Clear Explanation)

A lot of people always get confused between E-mail and G-mail. In this post, we shall explain in clear details the difference between email and gmail. If you are among the people who usually mistake the two, this post will clear you. Now, let’s start by defining the two mails.

Difference Between Email and Gmail

What is E-mail?

‘E’ stands for Electronic, while ‘MAIL’ are messages sent or delivered by means of a postal system. Therefore, Email means messages sent or delivered via electronic means from one computer user to another through network (internet). Just take note of this definition and continue reading. See the difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng, B.Tech degree certificates.

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What is Gmail?

Gmail means Google Mail. It is a type of e-mail service owned by Google. Take note, Gmail is an e-mail service owned by Google.

Now, let’s look at the difference between the two.

Difference between Email and Gmail

Having known the meaning of email and Gmail, let’s look at the difference between the two.

Asking someone ‘what is the difference between Email and Gmail’, is like asking the person what is the difference between a ‘University’ and ‘University of Nigeria Nsukka’.

Actually, the difference between Email and Gmail is that Email is a means of sending electronic messages through network i.e internet, while Gmail is an e-mail service owned by Google.

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So, E-mail is a general term known for electronic mail, while Gmail is an email service provider owned by Google.

The same way we have Gmail (@gmail.com) is the same way we have Yahoo mail (@yahoo.com), Hot mail (@hotmail.com) and so on. See how to get back your money after you have been scammed online.

For example, if I am providing email service, I can name it after my name HumpheryMail (@hmail.com). So also, if your name is Buhari and you are providing email service, you can name your platform BuhariMail (@bmail.com), and so on.

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Some individuals and organization even have their customized email address; (@nysc.gov.ng) (@cbn.gov.ng), etc.

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Updated: August 11, 2020 — 9:40 am


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