Difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng, B.Tech degree certificates

Bachelor’s Degree is an academic degree given to students by a college or university upon completion of their undergraduate course. In this post, we shall look at the difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng and B.Tech degree certificates. It seems as if most people do not understand the concept behind the award of those degree certificates.

Difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng, B.Tech degree certificates

Below are the concepts and reasons behind these certificates.

1. B.Sc(Bachelor’s of Science)

Bachelor’s of Science degree is awarded to someone after the person has fulfilled all the requirements for successful completion of undergraduate studies in science related courses.

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Under normal condition, the period of time for the completion of this degree is four years and the degree certificate is given after one must have successfully finish a chosen research work depending on the person’s field of study.

2. B.Ed(Bachelor’s of Education)

Bachelor’s of Education programme usually takes four (4) years before completion, and it is awarded by the faculty of Education in Nigerian universities that offers education programs.

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3. B.Eng(Bachelor’s of Engineering)

Bachelor of Engineering degree usually takes five (5) years in Nigerian University before completion and its certificate is awarded after one has fulfilled all the requirements for successful completion of an engineering course in any of the Nigerian Universities offering engineering programs.

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However, the graduate will proceed to register with professional bodies in the field of engineering such as COREN and NSE.

4. B.Tech (Bachelor’s of Technology)

This degree is awarded by Nigerian Universities of Technology such as FUTA, LAUTECH, FUTO, OSUSTECH, FUTMINNA and other University of Technology. Under normal condition, The degree also takes five years before completion after which the degree certificate will be awarded to successful graduates in the field.

Note: Non of these degrees is more superior than another. They are all Bachelor’s degrees, and equal to each other, only that they are awarded by different faculties in the a university and college.

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Difference between B.Sc, B.Edu, B.Eng, B.Tech degree certificates

Updated: July 26, 2020 — 1:16 pm

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