How to Use a Free US Number for Calls and WhatsApp in Nigeria

Are you in Nigeria and interested in utilizing free US numbers for calls and WhatsApp? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining and using a free US number within Nigeria, allowing you to make calls and access WhatsApp with ease.

Whether you’re looking to verify accounts, maintain privacy, or avoid international call charges, using a US number in Nigeria can offer numerous benefits. Read on to discover how simple it is to set up and start using a free US number in Nigeria. You may also like to read How to Call A Phone Number That Blocked You In Nigeria (3 Steps).

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes only. and its staff are not to be held responsible for any misuse of the information we are about to share here.

Using a free US number in Nigeria is not something that is difficult to understand. By the time you are through reading this post, you will see that it is not rocket science.

Using a US phone number in Nigeria might sound suspicious because Nigeria has gotten a bad name due to the menace of Yahoo boys. But for the sake of the good people of Nigeria, we have decided to share this information and will not be responsible for any misuse.

There are many good reasons someone in Nigeria might want to use a US number. Maybe the person wants to verify their identity on websites that accept only US numbers but do not accept Nigerian numbers. For example, to become an Amazon affiliate, a US number is required for account verification, among other similar cases.

Another reason for using a US phone number in Nigeria is that you may not want to give your real phone number to people.

Yet another good reason is that when you use a US number in Nigeria to call or receive calls from family and friends in the USA, neither you nor they will be charged at international call rates.

The beautiful thing about using a US phone number in Nigeria is that your US phone number will be linked to your Nigerian phone number. Therefore, you can give out either of the two numbers, and when the US phone number is called, your Nigerian number (MTN, Airtel, Glo) will ring. Also, when you call somebody, what the person will see is a US number instead of a Nigerian number.

The importance of using a US number in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

There are many methods one can use to get and use US numbers in Nigeria, both paid and free. But the one I am going to show you is free and easy to set up.

Now, without wasting too much of your time, let me quickly take you through the steps to get a free US number in Nigeria. But before I go into the steps, there is a vital thing I would like you to know: You need an Android, iPhone, or iPad device with an internet connection.

Steps to Get a Free US Number in Nigeria

Steps to Get a Free US Number in Nigeria:

1. Download the textPlus app

Visit the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the iOS store (for iPhone users) and download the textPlus app.

2. Register with your email

Launch the textPlus app and register using your email address.

3. Select a US state and area code

During registration, you’ll be prompted to select a US state and its corresponding area code. Use Google search to find the area code of your desired state.

4. Complete the registration process

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process within the textPlus app.

5. Receive your free US number

After completing the registration process, a free US number will be generated for you within the textPlus app.

6. Start using your US number

You can now use this free US number to make calls or receive calls from people within Nigeria and abroad. Remember, the app functions similarly to WhatsApp, so you’ll need to access it to initiate or receive calls.

7. Optional: Use Telos App

Alternatively, you can use the Telos App, available on both Google Play Store and iOS, to obtain a free US number without the need for a VPN. This app also allows you to open WhatsApp without incurring charges.

To use the generated app to open WhatsApp, WhatsApp will ask you to verify the number either by text code or call code. Please opt for the call code. When they call you on that US number, the voice will call the required verification code. Use the code, and you are done. Thank you.

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