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Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure

The history of the Nigerian Army dates back to 1863, according to information posted on its website. Although it didn’t become officially known as the Nigerian Army until Nigeria gained independence in 1960. In this post we will look at the Nigerian Army ranks and salary structure.

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The Nigerian Army is listed on the list of the top African militaries, having had so much impact on the African continent. Nigerian Army is famous for the peace keeping roles it plays across Africa. For instance, it led the ECOMOG army during peace keeping in the Liberia and Sierra Leone civil wars.

The Nigerian Army is a powerful military that is empowered to fight and defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and protect the lives and properties of the citizens. It was established by law in Section 217 to 220 of the Nigerian 1999 constitution.

Ranks in Nigerian Army

Rank can be defined as the level or position of authority held by an officer of the Nigerian Army:

1. Non-Commissioned Officers

These are the officers who are yet to receive an official letter of commissioning for a rank. The levels include:

• Master Warrant Officer

• Warrant Officer

• Staff Sergeant

• Sergeant

• Corporal

• Lance Corporal

• Private

• Recruit

2. Commissioned Officers

These are army personnel who have been commissioned as officers. There are 11 ranks of commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army:

• Field Marshal

• General

• Lieutenant General

• Major General

• Brigadier General

• Colonel

• Lieutenant Colonel

• Major

• Captain

• First Lieutenant

• Second Lieutenant

The Nigerian Army Salary by ranks

General – N1.5 million per month

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Lieutenant General – N1 million per month

Major General – N950,000 per month

Brigadier General – N750,000

Colonel – N550,000

Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000

Major – N300,000

Captain – N220,000

First Lieutenant – N180,000

Second Lieutenant – N120,000

Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

Warrant Officer – N80,000

Staff Sergeant – N68,000

Sergeant – N63,000

Corporal – N58,000

Lance Corporal – N55,000

Private – N49,000

Recruit – N35,000


This article provided you information about the salary structure and ranks of the Nigerian Army. Some people have been pulled back from joining the army because they do not know the salary structure and ranks.

Well, you know all that now and we hope that the information contained in this article will help to guide you as you prepare to make a decision. You can take a step further by visiting the army official website.

Source: Nyscinfo

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