Nigeria Police NPF Past Questions and Answers (Free PDF)

Did you apply for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) recruitment? If so, you’re in the right place. Here, you can access essential information to help you prepare for the recruitment exam. We provide free past questions and answers, covering various aspects, from the establishment of the NPF to current affairs and multiple-choice questions. You may also want to download Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Past Questions And Answers.

The Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers comprise a set of previously administered examination questions, specifically from past recruitment exams conducted by the Nigeria Police Force.

These materials typically include questions and their corresponding answers from previous recruitment screenings. Accessing and studying these past questions can be beneficial for individuals preparing for upcoming Nigeria Police Force recruitment exams, as they offer insights into the format, types of questions asked, and the subject areas covered.

Let’s go into details to ensure you’re well-equipped for success in the Nigeria Police Force recruitment test. Here, you can access the ‘Nigeria Police Force recruitment exam past questions and answers’ for free.

Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers

Here are the past questions and answers:

1) When was the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) established?

A. 1930

B. 1950

C. 1960

D. 1980

Answer: A. 1930

2) What are the objectives of the Nigeria Police Force?

A. Maintain fear

B. Preserve peace

C. Promote chaos

D. Encourage lawlessness

Answer: B. Preserve peace

3) What is the Nigeria Police Force motto?

A. Unity, Trust and Peace

B. Police is your foe

C. Trust the Police

D. Police is your friend

Answer: D. Police is your friend

4) Who is the present Chief of Defense Staff in Nigeria?

A. Christopher Gwabin Musa

B. Ibrahim Babangida

C. Sanni Abacha

D. T.Y. Buratai

Answer: A. Christopher Gwabin Musa

5) In what year did Nigeria gain her independence?

A. 1950

B. 1960

C. 1970

D. 1980

Answer: B. 1960

6) The first African country to introduce e-passport was

A. South Africa

B. Ghana

C. Liberia

D. Nigeria

Answer: D. Nigeria

7) Who is the current Speaker of the Nigeria House of Representatives?

A. Tajudeen Abbas

B. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan

C. Shehu Shagari

D. Louis Edet

Answer: A. Tajudeen Abbas

8) The first Inspector General of the Police Force was

A. Teslim Balogun

B. Louis Edet

C. Ademola Adetokunbo

D. Mike Okiro

Answer: B. Louis Edet

9) What is the full meaning of NPF?

A. National Police Force

B. Nigeria Police Foundation

C. Nigeria Police Force

D. National Protective Force

Answer: C. Nigeria Police Force

10) In what year was the Nigeria Police reorganized into 7 area commands?

A. 1976

B. 1986

C. 1996

D. 2006

Answer: B. 1986

11) Name the government agencies that supervise the affairs of the Nigeria Police Force.

A. Police Oversight Committee.           (POC)

B. Ministry of Law Enforcement

C. The Police  Service.Commission (PSC), Ministry of Police Affairs, The Nigeria Police Council (NPC)

D. Security and Policing Division (SPD)

Answer: C. The Police Service Commission (PSC), Ministry of Police Affairs, The Nigeria Police Council (NPC)

12) What is the current population of Nigeria?

A. 150 million

B. 180 million

C. 213.4 million

D. 220 million

Answer: C. 213.4 million

13) Who is the First Inspector General of Police in Nigeria?

A. Abayomi Mohammed

B. Louis Edet

C. Adamu Ibrahim

D. T.Y. Buratai

Answer: B. Louis Edet

14) How many local governments do we have in Nigeria?

A. 654

B. 723

C. 774

D. 800

Answer: C. 774

15) When did Nigeria become a Republic?

A. October 1st, 1960
B. January 15th, 1970
C. October 1st, 1963
D. January 1st, 1959

Answer: C. October 1st, 1963

16) Who is the first Executive president of Nigeria?

A. Shehu Shagari
B. Ibrahim Babangida
C. Aguiyi Ironsi
D. Yakubu Gowon

Answer: A. Shehu Shagari

17) The first Secretary General of the Commonwealth was

A. George Washington
B. Tulma Goldie
C. Arnold Smith
D. Joseph Garba

Answer: C. Arnold Smith

18) What is the staff strength of Nigeria Police Force?

A. 300,000 officers
B. 350,000 officers
C. 371,800 officers
D. 400,000 officers

Answer: C. 371,800 officers

19) Who is the Current Nigeria Police Force IGP?

A. Adamu Mohammed
B. T.Y. Buratai
C. Sadique Abubakar
D. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

Answer: A. Adamu Mohammed

20) The last colonial Governor-General of Nigeria was

A. Tulma Goldie
B. James Robertson
C. Hugh Clifford
D. Lord Lugard

Answer: D. Lord Lugard

21) Which year did Nigeria civil war start and end?

A. 1965 – 1970
B. 1967 – 1970
C. 1970 – 1975
D. 1975 – 1980

Answer: B. 1967 – 1970

22) What is the full Meaning of IGP?

A. Inspector General of Police
B. Intelligence General of Policing
C. International Guard Patrol
D. Investigation General Process

Answer: A. Inspector General of Police

23) What year was Nigeria flag designed and who designed it?

A. 1959, Taiwo Akinkumi
B. 1960, Louis Edet
C. 1963, Ahmadu Bello
D. 1970, Nnamdi Azikiwe

Answer: A. 1959, Taiwo Akinkumi

24) In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria, the person must be _____ and above

A. 35 years
B. 40 years
C. 45 years
D. 50 years

Answer: A. 35 years

25) Name the 7 area Commands of Nigeria police force?

A. Lagos, Kano, Adamawa, Gombe, Ogun, Jigawa, Katsina
B. Abuja, Enugu, Edo, Delta, Borno, Sokoto, Zamfara
C. Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Osun, Ebonyi, Plateau, Kogi, Yobe
D. Imo, Benue, Bayelsa, Taraba, Nasarawa, Kwara, Kebbi

Answer: A. Lagos, Kano, Adamawa, Gombe, Ogun, Jigawa, Katsina

26) The first world war was between

A. 1911-1914
B. 1914-1916
C. 1916-1918
D. 1914-1918

Answer: D. 1914-1918

27) Who is the current Senate president of Nigeria?

A. Godswill Akpabio
B. Femi Gbajabiamila
C. Shehu Shagari
D. Abubakar Malami

Answer: Godswill Akpabio







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