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Nigerian Customs Salary Structure And Allowances

Do you want to join the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)? Are you interested in knowing their ranks and juicy take home? If ‘yes’, read this post till the end. Like you have in the police, army, civil defence and immigrations, the Nigerian Custom salary structure is based on ranks. And with the increment of the minimum wage from N18,000 to N30,000, it is definite that the salary figures will rise across all the paramilitary organs.

Responsibilities of the Nigerian Customs

The Nigerian Customs plays a very important role across the borders of Nigeria and especially the seaports where they ensure that all importations into the country are properly inspected to ensure no illegal goods or materials come into the country and to also ensure that goods are properly levied. Meanwhile, some of its prominent functions include:

• Revenue collection (Import, Excise Duties, Taxes/Levies)

• Prevention of smuggling

• Foreign exchange monitoring utilization

• Licencing and registration of agents

• Designation and registration collecting banks

• Research, planning and enforcement of government fiscal policies

Allowances in the Nigerian Customs

One of the interesting thing about getting a job with the Nigerian Customs is the access to several allowances which could see your salary rise considerable. Although, it is not every officer that is entitled to the allowances, as you have to climb the ladder of hierarchy before you can start enjoying some allowances. However, the following are some allowances available in the Nigerian Custom:

• House maintenance allowance

• Uniform maintenance allowance

• Detective allowance

• Utility allowance

• Hazard allowance

• Furniture allowance

• General Service allowance, etc.

The salary structure of Nigerian Customs

Same as its counterpart paramilitary organisations, the Nigerian Customs also enjoys the newly approved Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which increases the basic salary of all paramilitary officers in Nigeria. This is because of the improved minimum wage. Based on this, the least salary amount for a customs officer in Nigeria is N40,000 monthly. However, on the average, Customs Officers earn N80,000 monthly. See how to join the Nigerian Customs Service as a graduate.

Below is the yearly breakdown of Nigerian Customs Officers

  • Comptroller General – N2,500,000.
  • Deputy Comptroller General – N2,480,000.
  • Assistant Comptroller General – N2,280,000.
  • Comptrollers – N1,880,000.
  • Deputy Comptrollers – N1,580,000.
  • Assistant Comptrollers – 1,480,000.
  • Chief Superintendent Customs Officer – N1,280,000.
  • Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer – N1,180,000.
  • Assistant Superintendent Customs Officer I & II – N980,000.
  • Inspector of Customs – N880,000.
  • Assistant Inspector of Customs – N780,000.
  • Customs Assistant – N680,000.


Of all the paramilitary organs of government in Nigeria, the Nigerian Customs salary is arguably the most attractive there is. If you want to join the customs, we advise that you be on the lookout for information about customs recruitment on this site.

Source: Nyscinfo

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